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Sunday, January 2, 2011

And what did YOU get for Christmas??

Now that the hustle and bustle of Christmas is behind me and my house has been righted back to it's pre-holiday decorum, I took a moment to reflect on the gifts I received from loved ones this year. Thanks to both our parents who graciously lined our presents with that "one size fits all" item, you know, that one item that's always the perfect fit and is most definitely the perfect color! We were both able to get a couple of winter jackets that we so desperately needed... and then some. Thanks folks!

In addition to that, we got a beautiful graduation picture of my niece, a cast iron dutch oven to help my grub taste better, a nice H-D head warmer for the chilly days, and various other treasures to behold. But, there is one special gift that holds rank high above all the others as the most unusual, and probably will be the most used gift of all. It was presented to us by Harley's sister, and now in retrospect... it only seems fitting for a little sister to give such a well thought out gift to her big brother. Are you ready for this... ???

Yes! You read it right... Poo-Pourri! Now I realize that most of us, are not really going to give a shit if our shit stinks, and, after a nice long day of riding, we're not always the "purtiest" smelling folks out there. But we still may want to avoid drawing attention to ourselves after we've camped out in the shitter... as the dude, (or dudette) that just stunk up the only pisser in the place!

This will keep you out of the "dog house"! As the bottle says... "Spritz the bowl before you go, and no one else will ever know!"

That's right dudes... you can spray your toilet water, before you take your dump, and the stink won't rise! You can walk out of the water closet with your grimy heads held high as the "'dirty ol' biker' who's shit don't stink!" And the ladies will never be exposed again as... "that chick with the nasty ass!"

So there you have it. To avoid those embarrassing moments when others think that something has crawled up inside you and died... get some Poo-Pourri! And you won't be a turd!

I've got my bottle... better get yours!

Lady R


GYMONR said...

Ha-ha, good luck on getting the guys to use the Poo-Pourri, you should know by now guys love to mark the spot.
Big AL

mrs road captain said...

That is too funny!

Ya know, it's amazing but Jay & I actually had a Harley-free holiday...the closest thing either of us got to HD merchandise was a new pair of Timberland boots! (We did however visit several Harley shops along our trip to FL and back, and picked up a few things along the way--LOL!)

Sorry we missed you last week. We will have to try again, soon I hope!

KT Did said...

I lovvvvvvvvv this one! Couldn't stop laughing at the write-up either. Still cracking up at the crack spray! I need this product. Does it work?! Let me know before I spend the bucks and googling time to find it! *cracking up still*

Willy D said...

I don’t believe it for one minute. It sounds like a load of shit to me. Butt I’ll let you know after I’ve had a few burritos and re-fried beans;)

the rider said...

Looks like a plan to me, some days are worse than others but somehow I just can't see a bottle of "Poo Pourri" being high on the biker's list of must have items!

Lady Ridesalot said...

Gymonr... X "does" mark the spot... it can also get you in the dog house! LOL!

Mrs. RC... I'm sorry I wasn't able to break free, but my last week is still a blur! I hated to see my mom leave, but we had an awesome visit and great Christmas! Did you enjoy the museum?

KT... No shit... it really works!!

Willy D... They didn't say anything about industrial strength poop. There IS only so much chemicals can do... You may be out on your own! LOL!

The Rider... KT has a point. The person standing outside the loo, just might make a buck or two. LOL!!

Baron's Life said...

I'm with Willy on this one...no way it's gonna work with what I eat...loll..I can stink up the whole neighborhood when I dump a load... It's probably take 5 Gallons of the stuff to suffocate the smells I emit.

Lady Ridesalot said...

Baron... you may have to buy your Poo-Pourri at Costco!

Baron's Life said...

I would finally be able to put that Costco membership to good use...lol
Keep well

WooleyBugger said...

This was funnier than shit. Everyone should have a bottle and especially that one guy at work. I'm still laughing, although...