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Friday, January 7, 2011


I don't claim to know a lot about motorcycle history, I just know I like riding them. My first experience with this was riding on the back of one with my dad when I was just a young girl and it seems like I've been around motorcycles my whole life. At the time, I grew up thinking that a motorcycle was just another mode of transportation and my friends thought it was very cool that my dad didn't seem to mind it when my high school boyfriend would pick me up for dates... on a motorcycle. Knowing what I know now about riding, I'm sure his patience and fear worn thin at times and it just makes me appreciate him even more... for the freedoms and experiences he allowed us to have while growing up. (Thanks dad!)

I feel very fortunate to have a couple old pictures of one of my dad's bikes (one of which I have posted on my side bar) but, when Baron from Baron's Life asked me what kind of bike that was, I couldn't answer him.

My brothers were too young to remember, and I was just a girl who paid attention only to the fact that it goes fast and was fun! So I'm posing this question to my readers who are more astute at two wheeled history. I hope there is enough clarity in these photos for someone to help me figure out what bike we are on.
Looking forward to any info you can share with me. Have a nice day!

Lady R


Allen Madding said...

My best guess is it is about a 1966 Honda CL77 scrambler


Mr. Motorcycle said...

Well the wing emblem is clearly Honda, but Allen Madding has me beat. I've no idea what it is besides a Honda.

Mr. Motorcycle said...

P.S. Really cool pictures though. Those would be cool to have, even if they weren't you and your Pappy.

Canajun said...

I'm with Allan. Definately a mid- to late-60s Honda Scrambler. But specific year and model number? Sorry, I no longer remember the 60s.

Eve said...

Yeah I googled 68 (date of photo) and Honda (stamp on bike) and got this photo.
I figure it would be an earlier bike so that would be the best start! Aint the internet grand! And Motorcycles!!! I love the photos LR!!!

motoroz said...

That is cool to have older pics like that. I have two of my grandfather on his bike in 1918. They are really neat. I can not add to the info you already have about what bike it is.

Baron's Life said...

It's a Honda but I am not sure it is a 1966 could be earlier model.

Lady Ridesalot said...

Thanks everybody... I posted your findings and I think we have a match!