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Monday, August 2, 2010


Saturday, while Harley and I were taking a much needed shade break to stretch our legs and drink some water, we found ourselves (again!) at Horseshoe Bend Military Park, just north of Dadeville. This place is one of our favorite places to stop while we're out riding, cause it provides a good respite from the sun... and it's also the home for some of our very strange, yet interesting Alabama trees.

Hmmmm... is that a sack? (Where else is a tree going to store it's nuts?) Let me remind you about the "Kittywompass Alabama Taint Tree", another amazing tree that makes this lovely spot by the river it's home.

I have several thoughts in my mind as to what to call this tree but I thought it would be fun to get some ideas from my readers. So what do ya'll think... Let's name that tree, shall we?

Have a great Monday everybody!!

Lady R


Arizona Harley Dude said...

When I click on the second picture I see a face in the growth....it must be the Benderella Tree...That is a little known tale about the Evil Witch who cursed Ben to an eternity of perpetual wood after he disappointed her because he wouldn't want his woody wet with an Evil Witch.

mq01 said...

ummmm? hmmm? well? hmmm...

Dean "D-Day" said...

AHD - It's kinda scary that they let you teach children. LOL!!

Eve said...

Looks to me like it ate a fish! Alabama Fish Monger Tree? Southern Catfish Eatin Tree? Actually I've got one of these trees here in my woods so when you figure out what it's called I'll be sure to pass that name along!

Willy D said...

I’ve seen those trees before. It’s known as a ‘Southern Sacamore”.

So does that mean that there are three baggers in the picture?

BTW Miss Potty Brain, do I need to remind you that your mom reads this?

Lady Ridesalot said...

AZD... Wow! Grimm must have missed one!! LOL! I'll keep my eyes peeled! Maybe I'll find more of Benderella's pals! LOL!

Mq01... oh oh! Willy's gonna see that you've got your mouth full again! What's he gonna think if you keep having this problem every time you get near the wood?? LOL!

Dean... I'm sure the AZD puts his "responsible grown up" hat on his head each time he enters his classrooms. (as he rubs his hands together and laughs... "muwahahahahahahaha!") Yikes!!

Eve... a catfish head! I see it! Especially the second one... I can see it's whiskers! Too funny!

Willy... a trio of baggers! Yep... I see them!
BTW... there was a day in my life, that if my mom ever heard me using the words nut and sack in the same sentence, I would have definitely felt her correction!! LOL!
Now days... she just gets frustrated cause she can't remember how to sign on this blog to leave comments and join the fun. She tells me all the time how much I crack her up! She's a very cool mom and I'm proud she's mine!

mq01 said...


word veri: boanest. wtf?! :)

Webster World said...

Names? How's no nuts? veri word vugen That's fitting for no nuts.

Lady Ridesalot said...

Webster... LOL!

Willy... I'd have to say, "Southern Sacamore" is the perfect name for our tree! It's just too bad that this particular (might I add, well hung) Southern Sacamore is too far away from the "Kittywompass Alabama Taint" tree. Something tells me they could have made beautiful sawdust together!! LOL!