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Friday, December 4, 2009


Harley and I often find ourselves riding on or near Hwy 231 south during our much deserved road therapy sessions. It's also the same road that takes us to Panama City, and as my regular readers know... we go there often.

Well, there's something called the Pioneer Shopping Village on Hwy 231 just north of Troy, AL that always captures my attention when we ride by it. On this particular day of riding, we decided to stop in and see what it was all about.

In the little village, there are antique stores, gift shops, a Blacksmith shop, Grist Mill and a restaurant. You can find ceramics, glassware, old books, knickkacks and custom knives. I'm not much of a shopper, but I've determined that this would be a cool place to find some very unique Christmas gifts!

There are some other historic structures scattered around the village that's connected by a nice paved walking path as well as large shelters and picnic areas available for large gatherings. This would be an awesome playground for the kiddos during a big family reunion!

W. T. SMITH LUMBER COMPANY TRAIN I wonder just how much lumber this old locomotive moved around in its prime.

I've always wanted to stop in here and take a look around, and I'm glad we did. Sometimes, when you look at things with a fresh eye, you'll realize you have some pretty cool stuff right under your nose! The Pioneer Village would be one of those gems.

Have a great weekend everybody and ride on!

Lady R


Webster World said...

Yes right under our noses. Looks like a cool place. Does the mill work at all? Riding here is more than likely over. I am hoping for bike week or 3:).

Mr. Motorcycle said...

I just love old historic places like these. Your pictures made me feel like I was taking a trip back in time. I kept waiting to see (Half Pint) Laura Igalls Wilder come running out of one of those buildings. Looks quite a lot like Walnut Grove, 'Cept those iron horses wouldn't have been so iron.

Thomas said...

I have ridden to Orlando to see family 3 times in the last 5 years and yet I have never made it to Troy although I rode through Dothan & Enterprise. This coming summer I may have to make a stop in Troy and check out the PSV.

I also write a blog about my travels if you would like to check it out. www.motoroz.blogspot.com

fasthair said...

Ms. Lady R: Looky who showed up!!! I too have been absent and not taking care of my blog like I should. Nice to see I'm not the only the one.

You really should see if you can't find Christmas presents in this nice little village. Not only do you find one of a kind things but you support the backbone of this great country side that you get to ride in. Having said that… what did you get me : )

Have a fantastic Christmas season my friend!!!


Lady Ridesalot said...

Webster... Honestly, I must have passed by this place a thousand times or more, and that day was the first time we stopped to look. A couple times a year, they host big flea markets and have festival type activites.
Right under our nose!
It's supposed to be really cold today, so we may not ride. Maybe I'll get more Christmas decorating done... or not.

Mr. M... Little Laura would have felt right at home in these old cabins. There are more cool old buildings, we just took pics of what we could since we didn't pay to go through the village. At the end of the path, there's a really cool covered bridge that we can see from the highway, but we couldn't ride our bikes to it. Darn!

Thomas... welcome to my blog. I will certain go visit. Troy is just a real small town, home to the Troy University Trojans, and Ward's Yamaha. Ward's is only significant to me cause I bought my first bike (2001 Suzuki 800 Intruder) from there.

Fasthair... looky who's back! I wondered where you've been off to, but I'm sure life is keeping you busy. I haven't even started my shopping yet, but I think I'll get a lot done today. Harely said we probably won't ride today if a 4 is first number in the temperature. LOL!
I hope you have a very nice Christmas season as well. Take care!

Willy D said...

Funny how you pass something all the time and never think about stopping. We always assume you have to travel a long distance to find something new. Not always the case as you just proved.

Anonymous said...

Mike and I have rode past that a million times on our way to St Louis.we will make it a point to stop next time thanks for the tip.
hope things are well with you earthmother told me about you Dad
my prayers are with you and you family my own Mother is going through the same.Merry Christmas
Mrs JR Ewing

The Crazy Horse Flame Shop said...

Thanks for sharing that. I love those old places. Wish I lived closer. That would be a neat place to check out for holiday gifts.

redbone said...

the old days....

MeanDonnaJean said...

Awww man, wouldn't ya just LOVE to be there back in the day? I know I would.

I'd KILL to have me a log cabin just like that one.

But, I won't ;-)

mq01 said...

i love stops like this, thanks ladyR. this is really what its all about; the ride, the road, the stops, the history, the people, the community, their stories. excellent ride!! happy holidays ladyR!!

Lady Ridesalot said...

Willy D... I was always under that same impression, until I started riding with my eyes open. It's so much nicer that way! LOL! Not nearly as dangerous, either! Have a nice day!

Mrs. JR Ewing... Nice to hear from you! Thanks for keeping my Dad in your thoughts and prayers, and I will do the same for your Mom. Hope your holidays are Merry!

CHFS... I'm sure your talents as a painter would be a nice Christmas present for someone too! Something tells me you don't get many surprise projects though. I can't imagine anybody's significant other letting them have their bike for a week or so... without telling them why. Merry Christmas!

Redbone... yep! as in... good ol' days! :)

MDJ... The simpler life does seem more enticing these days, doesn't it?

Mq01... It sure is! I've discovered lots of treasures right here close to home. I just didn't realize how many until I started blogging about them. Ride on sista!