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Monday, December 28, 2009


I have been saving this beautiful shot of the sun setting over the Mississippi river since June. My brother knows how much I love to get pictures for my blog, so he snapped this pic for me one evening after dinner (Yes... he's a sweetheart). I thought it would be a great way to say goodbye to 2009.

One of our favorite places to eat while we're home is the Country Heights Super Club across the river in Wisconsin. Before we came back into Iowa, we rode down to O'Leary's Landing, one of my ol' swimming holes back when I was growing up here. The sun was just setting while we were there and it was absolutely beautiful.

On another note, this day also marks the second anniversary for the Glider Rider. I can't believe I started blogging two years ago... and I'm still here. Time flys when your having fun!
Have a nice week everyone and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!
Lady R


Willy D said...

Looks like there are some storm clouds in that there picture. I sure hope that omen means that the storm is going out with 2009 and not coming in with 2010.

Two years you say? Well Happy Anniversary! And Happy New Year! And Happy Happy!

Arizona Harley Dude said...

Thank your brother for the nice picture. Congratulations on the first two years of Glider Rider.

Dean "D-Day" said...

Great picture.

And Happy Bloggaversary!!!

Webster World said...

The picture looks warm and cozy. Two years thats great and a great blog you give us.

Anonymous said...

Hey friend, Hope the holiday's were all you hoped for. Quess it's been longer than I thought since I read your blog! Know Harley must miss you like crazy. I know I've missed talking to you but also know you're watching minutes-so looking forward to hearing from You. Take care. EM

B.B. said...

your pic gave me goosebumps! How beautiful.
Congrats on the two year anniversary!

FLHX_Dave said...

I was there, leaning against my bike, taking a slow drag while thinking about how beautiful life truly is...nice pict. Happy New Year...and, there a alot more of those shots in store...sweet!

Anonymous said...

Two years wow I have enjoyed your blog you bring alot of class to the "Biker chick " image
Happy New Year
Mrs J.R. Ewing

mrs rc said...

Wow, what can I say besides that photo is breathtaking!!! Congrats on reaching two years, and many more to come! :-)

IowaHarleyGirl (Stephanie) said...

I love the picture! I hope you are having fun up north in DBQ! I'm sure you are. It sucks that I won't be able to see you before you leave!!! You need to come back this summer so that I'll be better and able to drive my bootie around. Safe trip home, Sister! :)

fasthair said...

Ms. Lady R:

I was looking forward to a "my favorite pictures of the week" post so we could vote on the best one again. Not that you still can't do that but this one gets my vote. And people ask me why I stay and deal with this 30" of snow we've had in the last couple of weeks. Well my friend it is because of sights such as this.

Happy New Years and looking forward to another year of Glider Rider by Lady R!


irondad said...

Nice picture. Just to show you I actually pay attention; a question.

Is a Super Club a supper club that exceeded expectations?

I just tease people I like, by the way. Hope your next year of blogging is as rewarding as the first two. For you and us.

Lady Ridesalot said...

Willy D... I hope your right! I'd like to think 2010 can't be any worse... but I'd be afraid they'd try to prove it to me if I say it too loud!!

AZHD, Dean & Webster... Thank you... thank you very much! I hope I'm around for a couple more.

EM... The days are going by lightening fast! I'm having a very nice time with my family and I'm so glad I was able to come.
I miss Harley alot, but you know how we are... we talk every day... more than few times. LOL!
Talk to you soon friend! :)

Lady Ridesalot said...

Mrs. RC... Can you believe it's been two years? Congrats on "The Road Captain, USA" anniversary as well!

Steph... I sure wish we could get together. These last few miles that separate us might as well be a thousand! My pops got a kick out of me making a big deal (playing around) about asking for the car keys. He hasn't had to deal with that in a very long time! LOL!!
I like your plan... this summer for sure! Happy New Year sista!

Fasthair... I am still trying to do that post. My time is tick tocking at a faster rate for some reason (as it usually does when your on vacation). I'm having a really fun time trying to stay warm! It hasn't been 30 degrees since I've been here! Try 19 and 20! Brrrrr! New snow this morning too! This southern gal is getting her fill of snow and cold... and loving every bit of it!!

Irondad... Geesh! I would like to tell you it is a SUPER club, but the truth be known... my mom's spell checker isn't turned on! LOL! Happy New Year Irondad! (and don't pay so close attention next time! lol!)

Mr. Motorcycle said...

Happy 2yearaversary!

Beautiful sunset!

Lady Ridesalot said...

B.B... I put this pic on the cover of some homemade calendars for my family. At first they thought it was just a generic scenery calendar until they opened it up... then realized they recognized the river. It was an awesome gift for all. Happy New Year!

Dave... If time allows, I will go to this same spot and take a picture again. The snow on the cliffs lining the river are just beautiful.
Here's to a New Year of awesome road picts and great adventures!

Mrs. JR Ewing... thank you very much my friend. I hope you and your family had a great Christmas and I look forward to seeing you again soon! Keep it Derby!!

Lady Ridesalot said...

Mr. Motorcycle... Thank you! Have a Happy New Year!!

KT Did said...

It was a perfect picture to end the year with. Beautiful. Happy New Year to you and looking forward to reading and seeing your pics in 2010.