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Monday, December 14, 2009


A memory from the archives!

A couple of summers ago, Harley was lucky enough to experience a ride across Mt. Washington in New Hampshire while he and some of his best pals were off enjoying one of their sacred "boys trips".

MT. WASHINGTON Harley claims, "the ride was most interesting on more than one occasion", and by the looks of the narrow ribbon of road, I wasn't going to challange that statement. The lack of guard rails in the curves and the presence of loose gravel everywhere was enough to make the experience round out with a nice dose of anxiety.

This was the perfect finale to an awesome trip. Since one of our good buddies is a Mass-Hole, they used his home town of Uxbridge, MA as they're official starting point. They rode up to Maine, put the bikes on a ferry and crossed over to Nova Scotia. They made a nice big loop, crossed back into the good ol' U. S. and now found themselves guiding their iron horses across Mt. Washington, New Hampshire... enjoying the breathtaking scenery along the way.

I've been after Harley to write a guest post about his trips, but he's not the type to sit and peck at the key board. Maybe I can help him out and bring you some more of his awesome experiences. At least he doesn't mind taking pics... and he's gotten quite good at taking them on the fly. Since I'm not able to go on all these fabulous adventures with him, he always tries his best to bring home full memory cards!

Have a nice week everyone!

Lady R

(11 days 'til Christmas... are you ready?)


Arizona Harley Dude said...

That's a WOW road for sure. New Hampshire? Maybe, just maybe, it could be in my future plans.

Ann said...

Never done it on a bike, but have done Mt. Washington by car, and that was scary! Beautiful pics! We need a guest post from Harley!!!

Webster World said...

I can see where you would want to pay attention. I'll bet it was a great ride.

Webster World said...

I just wanted to thank Mark Ingram and the Alabama team for the Heisman Trophy. Flint needed something other than the #1 murder city in America. Something good. Congrats Mark.

Spooky Lil Girl said...

I drove the Mt Washington Road many years ago and it was a nerve wracking experience just to drive.
I would do it on a bike, NOW that I have 25 more years of riding experience.
And yes, I am pretty ready for Christmas.

FLHX_Dave said...

I'm crying right now. I have seen some things that were spectacular. I know that picts can do no justice.

Wow, wow, wow....wow. I NEED this road. I NEED this experience, about as bad as a junkie need his crack.

Ok, that is one road this whore is gonna' bone. I hate this envious feeling. I don't enny anything other people have...except this. I'm a sad little man.

Rick said...

Riding above the clouds - sweet.

Lady Ridesalot said...

AZD... that is most definitely a "WOW" road! We hope to go back up there again sometime when we can go together. I'll keep playin' the lotto... hopefully it will be in my future plans too!

Ann... I'll try to get Harley to help me write a nice ride report about his trip. He took some great pics too! It would be a shame not to share them. Hopefully, after the holidays are over, things will settle down a little bit and I can get back to writing more.

Webster... If you snooze on this road... you'll definitely lose! Very precarious riding!
We were at Harley's company Christmas party Saturday night and the band announced Ingram's Heisman win over the mic. Congratulations!

Spooky Lil Girl... I would like to tackle this road also, but he warned... it was pretty scary! Maybe I'll get there before I hang up my leathers. I can only hope so. (Christmas is coming too fast for me!) But, I say that every year! LOL!

Dave... your just too funny! I think you should plan a cross country road trip... Mt Washington is calling your name!
If it's any consolation... I'm envious too. I can't wait till I can ride this mountain. One day...

Rick... sweet as cotton candy! :)

"Joker" said...

Alright...what's up with this Mass-hole shit??? :) Uxbridge isn't too too far away from where old Joker hangs his helmet.

I'll have to do Mt Washington next summer just to get Dave's juices over-flowing with my pictures. I bet Harley and his pals had one hell of a time on that climb.

Christmas? Ready? (switching to my best Sean Connery accent) "You're joking...."

Dean "D-Day" said...

Awesome pics! Thanx for sharing.

Christmas?!? Again?!?
Didn't we just have that last year?!

Lady Ridesalot said...

Joker... LOL! I knew you'd know where Uxbridge was. I think everyone should have at least one Mass-Hole in their circle of friends. LOL! I'm very blessed... I have 5!!

I think you should go see Mt. Washington. If I was as close to it as you are... it'd be a happening thing, for sure!

Dean... Thanks! I'm starting to feel the pressure. I've got so much to do... and so little time! (Life if good!) :)

B.B. said...

First of all...Christmas? Next week? Are you serious!?

Second...great pics. Thank Harley for providing them for us!

redbone said...

what Rick said....sweet!

mq01 said...

christmas, lol, well, its this week now, lol ;) sorry im slow... excellent pics!!! thats a must ride!! merry christmas to you and yours ladyR.

Motor-head Lady said...

Great pics! Thanks for sharing.
Christmas...really? I better get busy! :-)


Lady Ridesalot said...

B.B... down to 5 days now. Tick tock!

Redbone... Riding through the clouds is an experience only bikers and dogs with their heads out windows can appreciate. I love going over the Smokey Mountains and feeling the change of temperature as you pop in and out of them. Ahhh... just ONE of the joys of riding motorcycles!

mq01 and mhl... are you feeling the squeeze? I swear they move this day up every year! Have a great holiday!

Merry Christmas everybody!

Mr. Motorcycle said...

Fantastic! Looks a little spooky looking down!