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Monday, October 19, 2009


We found ourselves riding around near Tallassee this weekend and decided to explore around the Tallapoosa River. Tallassee, AL is a very old and historic little community and there's always something interestesting to see.

Built in 1844, this old building served as a cotton mill before it was turned into an armory during the Civil War and became Tallassee Calvary Carbines. It remains as the only Confederate Armory that was not destroyed during the Civil War.

Looking at it from the other side of the Tallapoosa River while we're on Fitzpatrick Bridge. I think this place would make a great Haunted House! Booooooo!

And just for the record... I finally wore full leathers (head to toe) for the first time this year and enjoyed my ride as the temps lingered in the uppper 50's. I just turned the heater in the house on for the first time too! I think I can safely say the southern heat has vacated... till Spring! Let me enjoy it while it lasts!

Have a great Monday everybody!

Lady R


B.B. said...

Very cool. I love old buildings! I agree, it looks like it would make a very cool haunted house.

Pappy said...

Wow cool Picture, you can just sit back and day dream back in the past.


"Joker" said...

Cool...but I know it can't be haunted. My mother-in-law's never been to Alabama!

Allen Madding said...

No pics of you in full leathers? WTD?


MeanDonnaJean said...

As I sit here thoroughly enjoyin' yer Pic of the Week it suddenly dawns on me what The Bowels of Hell Pics of the Week might possibly consist of.

Perhaps it would be the ol' alcoholic my late husband dubbed "Gil"...for his throat 'n neck are so hugely swollen that he looks like he's a friggin' fish with gills...

Or maybe it would be Psycho Brenda, the girl whose hadda perpetual pass to the local psych ward for the last 20 years now...

Or could it be Crackhouse Corner, where all the local derelict crackheads congregate to score some smoke...

But I'll betcha it would have to be City Hall, the building that the FBI 'n the county recently swarmed upon with search warrants in hand in order to collect mountains of evidence regardin' years 'n years worth of political improprieties.

Oh honey, I could probably fill an entire photo album!

Willy D said...

That looks like it would make a good “nut house”. I could call it home!

Lady Ridesalot said...

B.B... When I was a little girl, the city would use old buildings like this to convert into a Haunted Houses every year. Totally cool memories!

Pappy... looking at old historical buildings are really pretty interesting. I like to imagine too. Glad I didn't work there and have to climb all those steps everyday! Shew!

Joker... LOL! I'll get you my little pretty!

Allen... well... use your imagination... it might be better that way anyway. LOL!

MDJ... wow! With material like that, you could open up you own gallery! You can call it... "MDJ's Peek Into The Bowels Of Hell" Gallery. Maybe you should consider sharing your corner of the world with us. Take us along, down into the bowels... just don't drop us off and run! LOL!

Willy D... It does look like a good nut house. Shall we call for a reservation?

Mr. Motorcycle said...

Let's break in and have a nutty party in there with the ghosts!

Webster World said...

Wonder why it was not blown up? Must of had a use for it. I too when looking at things like that put myself there and can just feel it. My wife does not get it but thats ok. I do.

irondad said...

Not only did it have the carbines, but convenient places to defend from, too!

Just wanted to offer greetings!

Lady Ridesalot said...

Mr. M... I imagine there are a few spirits waiting for some dance partners to show up. I can hear it now... "We did the mash... we did the Moster Mash!"

Webster... I'm not so sure of the reason it was spared, but it would be fun to try and find out. My hubby enjoys the old stuff as much as I do, but lets me do the digging for the real info. LOL!

Irondad... greetings back to you. Hope your doing well. Thanks for stopping by to say hi! ;)

Darlin' said...

Another reason why we've got to make it to your part of Alabama, but by the looks of it, we'll need more than 1 weekend. We're going to be at the rally next weekend, getting there Thursday, you'll have to come party with us. Details is going to put a spit shine on the king and enter it in the bike show since spring rally was a mud fest and couldn't make it to the show, clean anyway. Got some new folks for you to meet, Harley met them T-beach and they'll be there. See ya soon!!!

DMV Hours said...

For me I can call it a home with my bike. But I won't stay there for long :D

mq01 said...

imma jealous (in a good way), im not fitting my leathers and i flippin need 'em...damn... LOL! enjoy the temps and brisk rides. i think spring and fall rides are just the best. great pics!!

Lady Ridesalot said...

Darlin... I reminded Harley that you were going to be there. I wish we could come for the whole weekend! We will most definitely be riding over for the day... at least!!
That's cool, Details is putting the King in the show!! Gonna have to build a bigger shelf for all them trophies! LOL!

BTW... quite threatening to come up and ride with us and get your asses up here already!! The weather has finally cooled off so it's been really nice. Every time we ride down one of our favorite little twisty roads (and there are a few) I think... "We're gonna definitely bring Details and Darlin on this road! Woo Hoo!

Can't wait to see ya'll. Take care sista!!

DMV Hours... You remind me of the expression, "Home is where you hang your hat". I guess the same can be said about where you park your bike.
And I'm with you... maybe a visit (to the nut house), but I wouldn't want to live there!

mq01... let me tell ya... they may fit, but I'm having to get used to all the confinement again. Geesh! I've been riding with just jeans and t-shirts, albeit long sleeved ones, up until two weekends ago. By the time I put on my chaps, jacket with liner, and 3/4 helmet with face shield... I felt like the Midas woman!
The difference in my two helmets never phased me before, but with the bulk of my jacket around my neck and shoulder area, combined with the larger helmet seemed to keep me from being able swivel my head like I normally can. Sure didn't like that feeling!
Didn't stop me from hittin' the road though. I'll get used to it. I always do. In fact.. by the time I start shedding layers in the Spring, I'll go through a phase of feeling all exposed again.
Damned if you do... damned if you don't!