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Monday, October 12, 2009


Our temperature finally dropped to 65 this weekend and it was a real pleasure riding through the cooler air for a change. We took the Glides for a ride Sunday and found ourselves puttering around Lake Martin when we came across these geese hanging out at the water's edge.

LAKE MARTIN GEESEThey didn't seem to mind our intrusion at all as we walked along near the water. It was kind of cute to see them all standing around on one leg and their heads tucked snuggly under their wings.

This little guy was off to himself, watching everything as though he was standing guard while the others took their naps. Such a good sentry!

Some of you may be off today in honor of Columbus Day, and for those that are... have a good one! I, unfortunately, will go to work today.

Have a nice week!

Lady R


Willy D said...

I have to ask; was there any “orange sauce” included in last nights dinner?

Allen Madding said...

Everytime I eat an eggroll, I have to ask the question. How does one make Duck Sauce?


chessie said...

Allen, just don't squeeze any ducks...OK?

The cooler weather is nice isn't it? I'm planning a road trip to the mountains for the fall colors.

Be well...

FLHX_Dave said...

That was just Ducking Awesome!

There is a park over here in Seaside where a whole buttload of these guys will walk across the road in front of you. The town actually has a crosswalk put in just for them. I'll have to get a picture of it.

Just dropped to 65? Some people wanna hurt you for that comment!

kathy said...

Still in the 90's here in sunny SoFL. But the morning temps have dropped to the 80's so the morning commute is much nicer. I'm a little jealous, but on the other hand I get to ride all winter. Another reminder to enjoy where we are right now - cause it can change when you least expect it.

Willy D said...

BTW – Today is Thanksgiving Day in Canada. Roast canadian goose sounds pretty good!

Mr. Motorcycle said...

We got lotsa geese like that here too. It's friggin snowing here! SNOW GEESE!

Lady Ridesalot said...

Willy D... Yes sir!! They were finger lickin' good too! Maybe next time these boys will think twice about flying south for their "Holiday"! Yummy!

Allen... errr, I don't think I REALLY want to know WHERE (or how!) the Duck Sauce comes from. In this case... ignorance is bliss! BTW... I love me some spring rolls!!

Chessie... LMAO! Thank goodness we can't REALLY tell if Allen decides to "squeeze" any ducks. Too funny!!
Yes... I loved riding in the cooler weather last Sunday. I actually wore my jacket, until around 1:00. But long sleeves were nice to wear for a change! I told Harley the other day that I guess we can put the cool rags up till Spring. Woo Hoo! Because we've still had so much warm temps, our fall colors aren't very strong yet. Hopefully in a couple weeks or so, we can go back up to Mt. Cheaha and see some pretty color.
Ride safe and you take care too!

Dave... There was a flock of them in a big 4 acre lot close to where I work last week. Kind of funny to see that many geese in the middle of town.
BTW... who would want to hurt me cause I FINALLY got to have some decent temperature for a change. No more melting like a stick of butter before you get 20 miles up the road. No more burning your ass on a nice hot summer seat. No more wet t-shirt demonstrations at the Chevron stations while we fill up with gas! (zzzziipp! Oh.. sorry) I got carried away there. I actually got to wear a long sleeve shirt AND my jacket (till 1:00 anyway!) and it felt soooooo nice!
This is when we really start having our wonderful riding weather. I love being able to ride year round. From now until Spring, we'll keep going like the Energizer Bunnies... with just a few more layers. Ride on!!

Kathy... AMEN! see my note to Dave. We have to endure the southern heat, but it's a nice trade off to be able to ride for 12 months. Right now, while our northern brothers and sisters are getting ready to put up their bikes for the winter... our riding is just getting good! A trade off I think that's worth having. Keep the shiny side up!

Mr M... like I said to Willy. Maybe they should have flown somewhere else for the holiday. They're in the south now... meat is meat! LOL! ding! ding! ding! Dinner is served!

DISCLAIMER: No beautiful geese were harmed during the shooting of these pictures! (or during the conversations that took place afterwards! LOL!)

Darlin' said...

Quite bragging. It still feels like the Dog Days of August here. There is relief in sight, finally, getting us a good cool blast of air this weekend, just in time for Details short off weekend. It's gonna be nice riding weather that's for sure. Be good, and good at it, and we'll talk to ya/see ya soon!!! XOXO

Webster World said...

It's 48 here burrrrr. Hoping for Indian summer soon. I must have near 200 of those geese taking a break in the fields. Gritt'in down on what corns left. It's season...but ya gott'a know how to fix right and I too have no idea how to make butter.

KT Did said...

You always have the most beautiful spots to ride to. I hope I get a chance to do the same! You can be the guide. Happy C Day to you too!

Lady Ridesalot said...

Darlin... I sure do miss you guys! Our little cool spell only lasted a couple days here. I'm through with 75 and 80 degree October days! Bring on some chilly!!
I got your pic/message yesterday, but my phone was so low on battery, I couldn't check it till this morning. I just love puppies and your newly rescued little guy is such a cutie!! He looks so handsome with the brown over his one eye. Maybe you can email me a couple more when you have a chance.
Have a great weekend, and see ya'll soon I hope! Maybe during Halloween weekend, if your still going to the rally. Let me know. Later friend! ;)

Webster... Not sure I'd know how to prepare one properly either. If I can't take out it's guts while they're contained in a nice little white bag, (that's located conveniently up their arse) and already void of any feathers... I'd probably remain very hungry! LOL!
I'm ready for colder weather. 48 is getting pretty cold, since Harley tells me his limit is 45. Not me! I've got a new jacket to try out this year... so I'm ready for it to get cold!

KT... Thank you! Sometimes, it takes a fresh eye to really see how much beauty we have, right under our noses. I think Alabama is a very nice looking state to ride around in. We have fun trying to find new roads we haven't known about and we never get bored.
I would be glad to take you on a private guide tour of our beautiful southern home. Ride on!

Bucky said...

I love Geese...

Right next to the taters and veggies... Yum Yum!


Lady Ridesalot said...

Bucky... LOL!

FLHX_Dave said...

"NO MORE WET T_SHIRT DEMONSTRATIONS"!!!!...now I am gonna have to hurt you!

Lady Ridesalot said...

Dave... (wink!)

Ann said...

Great pics! Sorry I'm late. I've been having a bad week.