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Monday, September 28, 2009


The Grand Tetons in Montana during sunset. (copied)

Today's pic is for someone very dear to me. As the sun sets on a good day, we cannot be sad that it's over... God will provide us with a new day tomorrow.

Have a nice Monday everyone and... hug someone you love. It's nice to know when your appreciated.

Lady R


Webster World said...

I thank God every time I wake up for another day on his earth. And I do my best to make it a good day.

Mr. Motorcycle said...

Great food for thought. Be thankful for what we have, for whom we hold, and for each new day.

mq01 said...

amen. big hugs.

Bucky said...

I sure do need that right now.
This past weekend showed me just how Important I am. I sure do miss you.

B.B. said...


Pascoag Ed said...

A picture that is worth a thousand words, thanks for it and the words of thought.

IowaHarleyGirl (Stephanie) said...

Beautiful photo! Big Hugs to Bucky and you and everyone else out there!

Lady Ridesalot said...

Webster... I agree, but it gets most challenging when someone you love is struggling with a very difficult situation. I wish you could transfer pain at will.

Mr. M... Amen. That's they way it should always be.

mq01... Thanks girl! I'm passing them on... they will do my bro good!

Bucky... You look at this mountain and remember... it's not going anywhere. It will be there for you when your ready. I love you! (((((hug)))))

B.B. How can anyone NOT want to go there, heh? :)

Ed... Thanks. Sometimes, it helps to escape to another much happier time while looking at something beautiful like the mountains.

Steph... Thanks to you too for the hugs! I come from a very huggy family, and it helps to feel the love. :)

Webster World said...

I hear you dear Lady. It is a struggle for us too when a loved one is hurting. Time heals..but it too is slow. I pray alot. It helps bring me peace. And then in time we move on. Not aways as I'd like but I(we) learn to cope and move on. May peace be with you and your loved one.

Big Daddy said...

I love looking at the grand Tetons every morning when I wake.
Makes my day go great!

Lady Ridesalot said...

Webster... Thank you again for the most insightful words. I couldn't agree more.

Big D... You lucky dog! Not everybody has the pleasure of waking up to Ann's wonderful Tetons, so the rest of us have to make do with the real mountain. LOL!! Quit braggin!!!