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Friday, May 15, 2009


Emerald Coast Bike Fest 2009 - Going to rallies are all about fun, motorcycles and the camaraderie between fellow bikers. During the day there's plenty to see, with the drag races, the bike show, and vendors galore. But, when the sun goes down and the night sets in... the real fun starts!

Okay... okay! I guess I've been teasing you long enough. Let's move on to what you've all been waiting for. TIME FOR THE NITE LIFE!!

The music of Geneva peals into the night, as if inviting those within earshot to migrate closer to the center stage and appease their curiosity. As the crowd gathered, you could see smiles on faces and hear laughter in voices while the mood of high spirits took hold. The vibration and energy coming from the stage was infectious as the band set the tempo for an evening of festive revelry ahead.

X-Rated humor is the norm at most rallies. It's a common understanding that, if nudity and dirty language offend you... don't come! Otherwise, keep it light, don't take it personal and have a great time! Take the "BOOB-A-METER" for instance. Who wouldn't want one of these! Woo Hoo!

"Sugar" the bull has been around for many rallies and she didn't disappoint at this one. One contestant after another, challenged "Sugar" to give them the ride of their life... but alas, "Sugar" gave the onlookers the show of their life. She would slowly twist and turn and pretend to throw off her challengers, but in her infinite wisdom, she kept the riders on her back just long enough for the crowd to enjoy the show. Surprisingly, even though "Sugar" was moving quite sedately, their clothes still seemed to just fly off.

Sorry for the blurry zoom and no close ups, but some of you may remember, last year some jack-hole wanted to whip my ass for squeezing up front for some pics. Hand Grenades and Moonshine have a way of mixing up bravado with stupidity, so I decided to stay out of trouble this time.

The wet T-Shirt Contest is another favorite highlight, (other than real bike stuff) at most rallies. In between belting out some great biker rock songs, Geneva herself called out to all the ladies in the crowd to come on up and claim their fame and show the ta ta's. Hot chicks and wet t-shirts... anyone interested?

I guess that's the cool thing about biker chicks... they ain't shy!

Oh, oh... where did the t-shirts go??

We were enjoying the show and cheering for our favorite, when a different jack-hole decided to show us all he had loud pipes (and a little pecker!). Don't get me wrong, I LOVE loud pipes, but not in the middle of a crowd of other bikers, who probably have pipes just as loud as yours! My only problem with him, was how he had a complete disregard for those of us who were directly behind him and his parked custom chopper.

His ol' lady (or someone he knew) was a contestant, and every time the MC held his hand over her head to get the crowd to cheer their vote, this dude would start his bike and throttle up... loud and hard! Since we were standing around right behind him, we kept getting pelted with dust from his exhaust, not to mention the ear splitting noise he was creating. After the fourth time of doing this, the crowd around him started getting a little peeved, and I kept waiting for a fight to break out! Even the MC yelled out to the crowd, "Hey man, don't blow that motor!" When that was said, the crowd cheered a little as if to say, "blow the damn thing and shut it up!"

Well, it didn't blow, and his girl didn't win, but this dude obviously annoyed a lot of folks. As soon as the contest ended and the crowd started to dissipate, this one woman, more mature in her years, walked right up to him and stood fast, shaking her finger in his face while giving him a piece of her mind. You go sista! She was probably telling him what a little pecker he had!

Other than that, it was all good! Night life at the rally carried on... long into the night.

On another note; I need to give kudos where kudos are due. As the evening rolled on, I took a hit from a grenade, and my camera abilities were pretty much shot. I was having a great time though and thankfully, my good pal Details was happy to bail me out with pics HE took during the wet t-shirt contest. And more thanks go to my friend Darlin' for emailing them to me, so I could share them with you. Shew! Thanks guys!

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Have a nice weekend everyone! Ride on and ride safe!

Lady R


FLHX_Dave said...

Ok, ok...this is just verification we can hang.

Wow...that's a wet t-shirt contest? I thought...well...t-shirts were involved in there somewhere.

I have said it before but you have the perfect balance in live as I see it. Work hard and play hard.

You gave the next best thing to being there. I'm feeling pretty good.

The dude on the bike? I would have just reached over and flipped the kill switch "accidently" followed up by a "Damn, too many brews brother...I love you maaaaan"...but only if I was truly stone sober. ;) What's he gonna do?

Thanks for the peep

mq01 said...

yup, you weren't kidding, talk about a little pecker...maybe non existant...ooooh, ive gotta find that pic of a guy with a stub...lol! otherwise looks like a great time!!!

Baron's Life said...

Hahahahaha...really enjoyed this....! some lunatics out there having fun, showing their boobs and non existent peckers...!!!
Alcohol is kind to everyone...Come on up north and we'll show you gals a footer and then some Madam...Lumber jack stuff, and we're very gentle....lol

mq01 said...

mmmmmm....gentle lumber jacks..... ;)

Mastercheif said...

Glider Rider--I love you! Thanks for posting such important and socially conscious material on your site. I have been enriched by your new age female liberation and celebration of how fantastic all womens bodies are. Ok, truthfully, I just love titties! Can I live with you. I'm house broken (mostly)

Webster World said...

I'm with the Master here. Most (wet t-shirt contest) I've been at it's the girl that takes it ALL off that wins. Well with in reason.

Lady Ridesalot said...

Dave... I always knew you and I would hang well together. We both talk about our rides like they are are necessary to our well being. And I guess they are. Besides that, we both recognize a good party when we see one.

Working hard allows me the luxury to play hard. I can't imagine what I would be doing to keep myself in balance if it wasn't riding.

I guess we do wet t-shirt contests differently down here in the south. You just need one on to get on stage... it won't stay on long.

As far as the dude... just a big pecker head, that's all. I was ready to go do a smack down on him myself, but I figured I better keep my silly little ass on the golf cart! LOL! Woo Hoo!

mq01... LOL! It was a lot of fun, it spite of "little pecker boy".

Baron... "a footer and then some" heh? LOL! I can just imagine! Lumber Jacks... Hmmm. I don't think I've ever met one.

mq01... so... you heading up North now? LOL!

Masterchief... I don't think new age female liberation has anything to do with it. It's called, "old enough to not give a damn!" LOL!

Glad you enjoyed the show!

IowaHarleyGirl (Stephanie) said...

Wow...LadyR...Content Warning! Cool! Boobies and Litte Peckers...why do us girls always get the shaft when it comes to that?? This brings back a memory for me of a guy at Sturgis with a pink thong on...yes my friends a pink thong...and a package so small that you needed a magnifying glass to find it.

Thanks for sharing your fun with us! I wish you could go to Sturgis! What fun we would have!!! :)~

ok...what kind of verification word is rearstag? LMAO

Dean "D-Day" said...

God bless biker chicks!!!
Sounds like you had all the essentials to a great biker bash!
Thanks for FINALLY sharing it with us.

Ann said...

Looks like it was a total blast! I think that guy's pecker must have been microscopic! WTF?!

I love how the t-shirts disappear in wet t-shirt contests. That only happens with true biker chicks, too. :)

Glad everyone had a great time. And thanks to Details for the pics! :)

mq01 said...

Stephanie, lol, the shaft, yea and...?!? LMAO...


Road Captain said...

I believe we saw Geneva play at Freedomfest last summer in WV and yeah she does rock, but I also seem to remeber she has a set of boobs that don't quit. You should get a close up of her. I'm talking Dolly Parton in the 70's kinda rack.

Darlin' said...

Glad we could contribute something, as my wonderful aunt says, "such as it is", but it did get the job done, I had almost forgot about numb nuts in front of us reving his engine, but I think I did recall saying very loud that I do know a good mechanice, that also deserves a bless your heart, 'cuz you know, some folks just can't help it.... but any way, it was a good time. And for the record, any one goes reaching for the kill switch, please make sure it's the kill switch and not the starter, that has a tendancy to piss off the owner, but that's a whole nuther story. Anyway, hope you had a good weekend, and we'll see you soon. Oh, and yea, Geneva has a FINE set of lungs and I'm not talking just about her voice.

Lady Ridesalot said...

Webster... Oops? How'd I miss ya?

Yepper... t-shirts are required to get you on stage, but otherwise, every thing comes off(most of it), if you want the crowd to vote for you. One girl had all her clothes off before they even started wetting all their shirts. She was a little "tore up" I'd say!

Stephanie... LOL! I thought I'd better put the warning up so Google wouldn't get mad and throw me off!

"why do us girls always get the shaft when it comes to that?"

ROTHFLMAO!! You just crack me up!

Your pink thong guy reminds me of the naked ass chaps dude from last year's rally. Good grief!! Do they really think they look good???

I wish we were going to be in Dubuque longer than we are... I would love to come over to Des Moines and finally meet you. Damn, we'll be so close and yet so far away! Just not enough days off to make the trip on bikes and do a little riding while we're there. Maybe next time. Now that my folks are moving back to Iowa, we will be heading that way more often. We will definitely have to get together on another more leisurely trip.

Dean... it was definitely carried out in traditional biker bash fashion! Glad you FINALLY were able to enjoy.
BTW... Didn't you know... patience was a virtue? LOL!

Ann.., You know it girl! Wet t-shirt contests biker style... ends up with NO wet t-shirts at all! LOL!

Details definitely kept my ass outta trouble with this one. I can't imagine ya'll forgiving me for telling you about all the fun without any pics to share!

mq01... watch out girl! Before we know it... you'll be telling us how you traded BOB in for a big tree saw and a set of suspenders! Headed North baby! LOL!

RC... Oh... there's no mistaking that Geneva has quite the figure and the voice to go with it! She was at Thunder Beach, the weekend after the Holt Rally, too.
The girls' got her groove on... that's for sure.

Darlin'... You'll have to tell me the story about the kill switch. Sounds v-e-r-y interesting! LOL!

Thanks again for getting me these pics. I really appreciate it, as well as all the Glider Rider readers.

Hope to see you soon! Ya'll let us know when you can come up!

chessie said...

I clicked on your link and was faced with "CONTENT WARNING"
I thinks to myself... This CAN'T be...it's Glider Rider...she don't have content warnings on her site! Crack me up lady...I was hoping for a pecker show though...

You've seen the pictures I have up from the time at Charleston Bike Show? Well at the Kickin Horse Saloon that weekend... they had a pecker contest... we gals got treated to some really fine peckers... I've never seen a braver bunch of guys who were NOT Chipindale material! What a blast, (I have pictures to prove it!)
Great blog post...I'm smilin....

Lady Ridesalot said...

Chessie... I wondered how many of you would wonder if you got on the wrong page. Hey... what can I say. (giggle, giggle, wink, wink)

I did look at your Charleston post, it was awesome. Like I said in my comment, when I visit your blog, feel like I've just been on a nice vacation.

I didn't see any peckers though. Maybe there should be a contents warning on YOUR page... come on sista... spill! LOL!

Willy D said...

Hot Damn! A new porn site! Love it!
Did you happen to notice if the paint job on Mr. Peckerhead’s trailer matched his bike?

Lady Ridesalot said...

Willy D... Yeah, and can you believe Joker hasn't had anything to say about this yet? He must be AWOL! LOL!

Didn't see what the little pecker was staying in and quite frankly, we were glad he departed.

Can't complain if that was our only real problem. So a great weekend it was!

Webster World said...

How'd ya miss me! Are you calling me little:) ?

Lady Ridesalot said...

Webster... No way! No how! Besides, how would I know? LOL!
Tell ya what... you go on and send me your pic, and me and the gals will get back with ya and tell you what we think. LOL!

Don't be shy!!! ;)

"Joker" said...

Sorry but you know society arrives late, lol!

Looks like my kinda place. I would have loved the big boobies and hated the jackhole with the chopper. Seems like there's always one showboat in the crowd who has to be a peckerhead and annoy everyone else. Those were some fine looking titties you shared and yes, I appreciate seeing those and not the peckers - sorry Chessie!

Willy: LMFAO about the trailer being the same color as his bike!! Love it!!!

Steph: I'll be sure to pack my Pinocchio boxer shorts for Sturgis!

Now...I need me a hand grenade!

Mr. Motorcycle said...

They were wearing too much! LOL! Thanks for the peep show! Looks like everyone had a really good time.

Lady Ridesalot said...

Joker... "society arrives late". LOL! That's your story and your sticking to it, heh?

I thought you might like. I guess after making ya'll look at the naked ass chaps dude from last year, I'd better deliver something pretty nice this time!

I really wish I was going to Sturgis, I'm feeling so left out!. (pout) If I could do anything to change my situation, I would. I can't believe how many in our blogger circle will be there. I hope ya'll can get together long enough for a great group pic. How awesome would that be.

Steph... If you see Joker in his boxers, your in charge of pictures! Woo Hoo! About 3 Hand Grenades... will just about do it!

Mr. M... Well... in their defense, it was a bit chilly after the sun went down. LOL!

Anonymous said...

Please Please!
More pics of the wet t contest!

Lady Ridesalot said...

Dear Anonymous...
Who are you?
Who, who, who, who?
Who are you?
Who, who, who, who?
Who are you?
Who, who, who, who?
Who are you?
Who, who, who, who?

I woke up in a Soho doorway
A policeman knew my name
He said "You can go sleep at home tonight
If you can get up and walk away"

I staggered back to the underground
And the breeze blew back my hair
I remember throwin' punches around
And preachin' from my chair

Well, who are you? (Who are you? Who, who, who, who?)
I really wanna know (Who are you? Who, who, who, who?)
Tell me, who are you? (Who are you? Who, who, who, who?)
'Cause I really wanna know (Who are you? Who, who, who, who?)


KT Did said...

Crack me up. I don't think I would have had the patience and would have said something. Probably got killed or something close to it. Biker Fests... gotta love America!

Lady Ridesalot said...

KT... Two of my (big) pals, were standing right behind him, boring holes in the back of his head with their eyes. I was just waiting...