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Thursday, January 15, 2009


Okay, okay, I'm in. It has been fun reading the "things" I didn't know about Ann, Connie, BB and Marcie. So I've decided, since I seem to be having trouble getting my post finished on a nice ride we had, I will attempt to share some of my inner most kept secrets. Here goes.

1. I lived in four states before I was 2 years old.

2. I've never had a broken bone.

3. I've had surgery seven times and I'm not 50 yet.

4. I always wished I had a little sister.

5. When I was little, I would eat grapes in the grocery store while my mom shopped. (She didn't know and no they were not paid for!)

6. I've been in two actual fights (with fists) in my life. (One, as a junior in High School, and once with a roommate in the Navy. Yes... I won.)

7. I wanted to be a Veterinarian.

8. I choose the Dental field because I wanted a job that wouldn't be really dirty. Now I work in peoples mouths. (Very clean job! LOL!)

9. I shoplifted 4 times.

10 I count my blessings that I changed friends when I did. (She liked to shoplift!)

11. The only time I ran away from home, I was 4. They found me down on the railroad tracks eating a piece of dirty watermelon. (Such an adventurer!)

12. I resented being 7, 8 and 10 years older than my three young brothers. I always had to take them places. Ugh!

13. I resent the distance between me and those brothers of mine now. I love and miss them all dearly!

14. I used to make my little brothers duck down in the back seat when I drove past some cute guys.

15. My best friend and I would purposely fall in front of cute guys when we would snow ski. (Most were ready to help, some were jerks!)

16. I love roller coasters!

17. I wanted to be a race car driver.

18. When I was a young girl, I thought I would get married and have 5 or more children.

19. I have no children, but I'm still happily married. (28 years!)

20. I care for animals more than I do most people.

21. I cried every time I saw the AT&T commercials. ( the cool ones about 15 years ago.)

22. My favorite commercial was for Pepsi... a little blond boy playing with a bunch of puppies. His laugh was most precious.

23. I can't stand the "Head On!" commercials! (Just shoot me!)

24. I play the Florida Lottery every week.

25. It was my goal at one time to own a Pink Cadillac. (I also was a Mary Kay Consultant once. Maybe this is why I don't like pink now. LOL!)

To be continued...

Lady R


Ann said...

I'm so glad you decided to do this! I hate those Head On ads, too! They're so annoying!

Can't wait to see the rest!

Dean "D-Day" said...

Great start.
I like the Head On ads. (Probably just because they bug everyone else.)

Mastercheif said...

#9-I would have liked to have caught you. I bet we would have been friends afterwards

Anonymous said...

I resent being SHOVED beneath the seat as a kid just 'cuz my sister thought some guy was cute...
I resent having to be dragged by my sister everywhere she went...

Although later on I found out why. My bros and I were good little snitches and Lady R could not get away with ANYTHING!! Remember the donuts in the car in East Dubuque...we ran home and told mom & dad how cool our sister was, when they asked why, we said..." she does cool donuts in the car"... oops, now I told on you again.

Love Ya sis, and yes, I also regret being so far away from my siblings too.

Bucky said...

Anonymous was me...Bucky

Dean "D-Day" said...

My older sister always got around the "snitch factor" by letting me participate in the illicit behavior. That way I couldn't tell.
(Pretty smart sis.)

Lady Ridesalot said...

ann... I've got a few more jotted down for the next 25. It gets harder as you go, heh? BTW... did you want that pic that goes along with your Redneck mailbox? My email address is in my profile.

dean... You would! Some people just like to instigate trouble! LOL!

masterchief... I was lucky AND stupid! I probably would have cried!

bucky... I knew it was you all along! I thought about including the doughnuts in the parking lot with our parents car, but I figured everyone's done that. The trick to good doughnut was the gravel, heh? LOL! Yes, you little tattle turds got me a few times, but I love ya anyway! Miss you bro!

dean... problem with this is, they were too young to coerce. They would get scared that the "cops" would get us. Our Dad used to tell us he knew all the cops in town and he will know everything!

Dean "D-Day" said...

LMFAO!!! I love the cops thing! I used to tell my daughters the same thing!

The thing was...I found out just enough things about my girls that they really believed I had people all over town watching them!

B.B. said...

I love it! I always wished I had a little sister, I was nine when my brother was born, and dealt with the same stuff. Thankfully he was only one. :)
And I'm totally with you on the AT&T commercials, that was almost on my list.
One last thought....#17 doesn't surprise me in the least! :)

Willy D said...

WOW! A Navy vet and a shoplifter. A bar brawler and a thief. I’m impressed:}

Lady Ridesalot said...

Dean... You guys must learn that stuff at Dad school! All I know is it worked on me. (For a while, anyway)

B. B... As far as #7 goes, I have a picture of myself and my favorite (but retired) driver, Bill Elliott. He was really cool about letting a friend take our pic together at a track one day. (He's my racing hero!)

Willy D... LOL! Be afraid... be very afraid!

"Joker" said...

When I was around 10 or 11 years old, I put a Snickers bar in my pocket at the corner store after being egged on by a "friend." I got caught. I was so embarrassed, I never did it again.

When I ran away from home, they never found me, because nobody came looking. My old man was right, I came home when I got hungry.

Yeah, no doubt the Head-On ads are for the birds. You may think this is sick, but I've fantasized about somehow cropping one of those ads and replacing the head on with an enormous double-ended dildo. Do you think I should put that on my 101 list???

-Connie said...

I hate those head-on ads too!! One time I took a naval ring out of the package at walmart and put it in my pocket. I never got it pierced, so it was a pretty pointless shoplift haha!! I'm so glad you're doing a list!!

Lady Ridesalot said...

Joker... "HEAD ON.. SMACK!!" I think it would be funny as hell! Go for it, you are sure to get some great laughs and comments with that!

When I got older, and threatened to run a away, my Dad would say, "you can't have my luggage... put your shit in a paper sack!"(and yes, he said "shit"!)

I think you should do a list. I hesitated at first, but now that I'm doing it, it's kind of fun. It gives you a chance to tell something about yourself that would normally not come up in our motorcycling forum. I think YOUR list would be fun! Maybe if you start one, we can get Dave, Mr. M, Dean, Willy D, Fasthair, and some others to join in. Be the leader! LOL!

Connie... I know what you mean. One of the things I took wasn't even for me. How stupid was that? The list thing is fun. It's not as hard as it seems though. I keep a piece of paper on me, and if something pops into my head, I write it down. I've been remembering a bunch of stuff doing this.

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