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Monday, October 15, 2012


Once upon a time... in a land not so far away was a lady rider who was under lots and lots of stress. She was under so much stress, that she was seeing cows when she should have been seeing dolphins! (not really, but I thought it would be funny to tie-in to my Friday post!)  She knew she had to get herself back on track, so she loaded up the Boy, and headed south to Panama City Beach to get some therapy... Thunder Beach Therapy.

No appointment necessary... the doctor is always in! The lady rider was so happy to have a really cool place to hang out and listen to the rumbling thunder.  Having been here many times before, it's beginning to be one of her favorite hideaways.

As the beautiful weekend unfolded, blue skies and sunshine accompanied the smiles and miles that brought several other stressed out riders together.  Slow cooked meats, ice cold beverages, and toe tapping music was flowing abundantly.  Rejuvenation was imminent!

Chillin' and relaxin'... the order of the day.

The lady rider was having such  a good time during her therapy session, she decided to treat herself to a new look.

Yes, the jury is still out on this one, but no fairy tale is complete without the color purple and some butterflies! Tee hee!

After a long day of therapy, the lady rider and all the other riders would seek out their shelters and reminisce over the days events.  What a better way to do that, than with something like this...

Ahhhhhhh... beautiful!

The lady rider and all her riding friends really enjoyed some great thunder therapy, and since Thunder Beach comes around twice a year... they will all live happily ever after. 



Trobairitz said...

Now that looks like a great way to unwind. Beautiful sunset in that last shot too.

Willy D said...

Therapy comes in many forms and styles. It’s generally a waste of time and money. With the exception of the two-wheel kind. Weather working on them or riding them it always seems to do the trick. Good choice of doctors.

bob skoot said...

Lady Di:

I can relate to your 2 wheeled therapy and the enjoyment of being with others, in a distant land with friends

you look like a tough biker . . . except for the purple

Riding the Wet Coast
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Lady R (Di) said...


I love PC Beach sunsets, and I have seen many. I was a great weekend!

Lady R

Lady R (Di) said...

Willy D,

I'll stay on the riding side of them, if you don't mind. I'm not to savvy on the mechanics of things, but I know how the throttle works! lol!

Lady R

Lady R (Di) said...


Not much of anything can look too tough while in purple. lol!

Lady R

Webster World said...

The therapy sounds great. I sure know I'm ready. It's good to hear it came at the right time. And hey! purple looks good on you. Why it even goes well with those blood shot eyes. :-}

WooleyBugger said...

Looks like a place to visit again sometime. I could truly use some therapy from the two wheeled road.

Arline said...

That was a well spent weekend for the lady rider and all the other riders.....am green with envy!

Maxxis Motorcycle Tires said...

Thats quite a relaxing experience. The therapy thing sounds good,its great that you had a wonderful weekend