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Thursday, July 28, 2011


Just a quick little addition to my previous post. Bobskoot left a comment on my Chattahoochee State Park post, asking where my Jeep was? The funny thing was... I was thinking like a blogger when I took this...
I didn't post it at first because... I wasn't on my motorcycle. What the hell, these ARE my wheels these days, so... here ya go Bobskoot!

How 'bout a nice action shot!
I'm really enjoying this new addition... I think everybody should have one!

Lady R


bobskoot said...

Lady R:

I feel very content and satisfied with these photos. If I were going to buy a Jeep, then this is the model I was thinking of, so looking at your new wheels, makes me dream . . .

I miss the gravel roads and adventures in the middle of nowhere which have stopped since we got rid of our Jeep and P-up truck.

I do get envious at times, nice Jeep ! somehow I knew you had photos hiding somwhere

Riding the Wet Coast

kiwionabike said...

That's the poshest jeep I've ever seen! ..good to see you actually go all terrain and you don't have to buy the spray on dirt to make it look authentic ... Hehe. Cheers, nick (kiwionabike )

Lady Ridesalot said...

Bobskoot... I'm more than glad to share. I plan to explore every back woods road I can find! I'm an adventurous type and I feel like I'm missing out on something if I don't get to see everything there is to see.

Kiwionabike... We took the Jeep up to Talladega National Park the first weekend we had it and explored on a couple fire roads on the mountain. Alabama is blessed with red clay, (and it had rained the day before) so you can imagine what kind of a mess that makes. On Monday, (prior to washing it all off) I drove into the Jeep dealership to order our soft top. The sales dude that helped us greeted me at the door, looked over my shoulder at the Jeep and said... "Now THAT'S what a Jeep's supposed to look like!"

I imagine we'll be getting quite dirty... quite often!

KT Did said...

Either way its fun! My husb doesn't ride, and I am trying to find an RV or something that he can see the roads with. Enjoy the journey!