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Monday, June 13, 2011


Saturday was 5 weeks to the day that Harley had his accident. It was also his birthday and after graduating from all the doctor's restrictions, he finally got his driving privileges back. Woo Hoo! He was a very happy man!

We've been missing the country roads we so often spend our weekends on, so Saturday morning he said... "Let's go for a ride!" I looked at him like he lost his mind, cause I know he's not ready to ride yet, but that didn't stop us. We loaded up in the truck and took off to the country. I'll have to say, it was very different, but I enjoyed the feel of getting back out on the road and enjoying the scenery. Even if it was in our truck!

We found ourselves up around Lake Martin and found some of the destruction that was left by the bad tornadoes Alabama suffered from back in April.


You can see how the path of the storm starts and stops. It was very disheartening to see all the broken trees.
I realized something that day... whether on two or four, we really enjoy riding around the country side. I'm just glad we still can enjoy each other. Have a great week everybody!

Lady R


mq01 said...

amazing country roads! ya, im always thankful now to have another ride/day/sunrise to share with loved ones :) have a great week too!

hey, wheres flat?

Raftnn said...

Nice post, and I am glad harley is is getting back to normal. I am looking forward to more road trip reports from the bike. It takes a lot of courage to get back on the bike after a fall....

Willy D said...

Happy Birthday old man.

A truck and a chainsaw equals firewood. I don’t think anyone would mind.

Lady Ridesalot said...

mq01... we've been counting our blessing lately. Hope your week is a nice one too.

Raftnn... yeah... he's been thinking about it a lot more lately, and I'm realizing this accident may not be behind us yet. Time heals a lot of things. We shall see.

Willy D... LOL! If only it were winter! It's hard to get excited about firewood when it's 95 degrees outside! Pant!!
Harley says thanks for the birthday wish... he's just glad to be having one!

Webster World said...

Glad he is having another too. Tornado's are terrible. Flint was the deadliest untill Joplin. Have a special edition paper on it and it wiped out hunderds of homes. It opened a tree and cloced it on a refridgerator. Glad yours were not worse. I don't understand how in tornado ally the homes have no shelters. An 8x8 or something. The other day I stopped at this house when I saw people there. Told the lady I grew up near by and as kids we all thought the bunker out back was a Civil Defence bunker(cold war). She said no that after the 53 tornado her dad built a tornado shelter. Glad too you only saw trees. You know trees are amazing. In a couple years you will go up there and the trees will have bounced back.

biker baby said...

He had to be going stir crazy...glad to hear he got out.

Dean "D-Day" said...

The road does a soul good. (Even if it does have to be on four wheels for a while.) Glad that the two of you were able to enjoy another birthday together.

WooleyBugger said...

Good to know he's on the mend and you two can get out again together. Hmm, I see lots of free logs for a cabin there. Or extra money in firewood for winter.