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Monday, June 6, 2011


While we were at Thunder Beach several weeks ago, we watched the Kyle and Cody Ives stunt show out at Frank Brown Park. These brothers were pretty good and it was fun to watch what they could do with those bikes.

It's amazing enough that they jump as high as they do, but to do it one right after the other made it just a little more interesting.

I didn't get any riding in again this weekend. I took my mom to Clarksville, Tn and met my brother there so he could take her the rest of the way home. I miss her already, and I can't begin to thank her enough for all her help these last two weeks. Harley has improved greatly and he has a couple more follow up appointments this week to evaluate if he's ready to drive and such. He's ready to be cut loose even though he's still moving slower than usual.

Hopefully, I can get out and show our traveling guest, Flat Wooley, some of our beautiful state before he gets too restless and wants to move on.

I did hook him up with his own wheels while he's here. Now, I think he's getting antsy to ride... and me too!!

Have a nice week everybody!

Lady R


Webster World said...

Can't seem to post on Flat's blog. So Flat glad you made it to Bama land. Cold beer a pool and southern folk. Can't get any better than that. Sure does get hot there. Now if you are Michigan way stop on in. Have a pool too but it's normaly in the 70's. I'd like to think it's ride time when the sponge comes out :-)

Brady said...

He looks ready to hop on and ride that thing into the pool.

Behind Bars - Motorcycles and Life

KT Did said...

Looks like you showed Flat Wooley a great time and happy you enjoyed the time with your Mom even though I know it had to be difficult for you. Sometimes having all that love around really really helps. Luv FW's wheels!!

mq01 said...

i saw those stunt guys the last time i was out at seminole county fl hd, they really have fun out there! im so glad to hear that harley has improved. and flat, im jealous, thats a good looking ride and pool to hangout by, damn... :)

Gary France said...

That isn’t a pool flat Wooley is standing by, it’s a lake! Or are my eyes deceiving me?

Jack Riepe said...

Dear Lady RidesALot:

I have been practicing some trick riding of my own. Yesterday, I attempted to jump a Hostess Twinkie in the driveway. After sixteen attempts, I have sixteen Twinkies with tread marks right up the center.

I am delighted to hear that Harley is well advanced in the mend department.

Fondest regards,
Twisted Roads

WooleyBugger said...

Good thing Harley is better, Flat has a drinking bud to save Hooters with.
Follow the leader, yea, we did this when kids, on bicycles, closer to the ground, way closer.

Oh heh, if any of that body work on the bike needs fixing give a holler, like saddle bags or fairing.

Lady Ridesalot said...

Webster... I'm not sure why you're not able to post on Flat's blog, but I'll be sure and tell him what you said. He's been fun to have around, but he's a real stinker! Maybe he'll find his way up toward Michigan and you can show him around some cooler country.

Brady... He tried to jump the bike into his pink flamingo the other day. Good thing it stalled before he got airborne. LOL!

KT... She was great medicine for me too! Flat and my mom got along really great... she even tried to take him home!

Mq01... It seems like forever ago that we went to Thunder Beach, but my life has been a blur ever since. I hope to bring you more Beach goodies soon.

Gary... well, in the scheme of things, a 16' X 40' would seem like a lake for the Flat traveler. :)

Jack... As long as you didn't squish all the creme out of them... they're still good! LOL! Harley is on the mend, but we've hit a speed bump. Healing is funny that way. :(

Wooley... Harley just laughs at Flat's antics and probably wishes he had the guts to follow suit. LOL!
Thanks for the offer to help out with the bike, but our insurance co. already totaled it out. They came and hauled it off yesterday... real bummer. :(
I'll be glad when these dark clouds move away from us.

FLHX_Dave said...

I just discovered flat Wooley. At first I was confused...I love this!!!!

How do I get flat wooley! Oh...following the leader looks just a bit risky.

Lady Ridesalot said...

Dave... Flat Wooley is coming to you next! Email your address to me so I can send him to you... when I'm done with him that is. Tee hee!!

FLHX_Dave said...