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Friday, February 25, 2011



Do you ever wonder
where the old road goes...

as it unfolds slowly
like the the petals of a rose?

Curiosity overwhelms you
when the beauty draws you near...

deep and idling rumbles
of your motor is all you hear.

Taking just a moment
as you dismount from the seat...

the long and lazy beards
provide you shade from all the heat.

The quiet sound of silence
is like food for your soul...

and you ponder your good fortune
as you prepare again, to roll.

Do you ever wonder...
where the old road goes?

Author ~ Lady R


Arizona Harley Dude said...

Very nice, even if you are writing and posting and having fun while I'm stuck in school with these little devils.

Mr. Motorcycle said...

Sweet! You could do a small picture-poetry book like this. It would make a great coffee table book. I'd buy one.

FLHX_Dave said...

I LIKE it! I know where that road goes...

motoroz said...

Good post. It is roads like that one that makes me wonder about getting a dual sport.

SonjaM said...

Poetic words and motorcycle pictures make for a great combination. Beautifully said and photographed.

WooleyBugger said...

That's truly awesome Lady R. Ya know, you should do more of these poems.

Raftnn said...

I have nothing else to add, well said.

Lady Ridesalot said...

AZD... but your a lot closer to being able to say "adios". Hang in there... you'll be out on the road before long, living an entirely new lifestyle!

Mr. M... Thank you! Maybe if I get more of them together we could trade... poetry for paint! :D

Dave... can't pull anything over on you now, can we?

Motoroz... I'm sure they are fun, but I think I'll stick to places my Glide can take me. My old bones would not be happy with me.

SonjaM... Thank you! I thought it would be a fun way to show off some pictures.

Wooley... The funny thing is, I used to write poetry a lot when I was is school. For whatever reason, I got away from it until recently. My problem is, I have too much of a sense of humor and sometimes, what starts out nice and somber, turns into the comedy special. :D

Raftnn... thank you. :)

Billy said...

The old road is what I live for.

MeanDonnaJean said...

Welllllll, I *used to* wonder where the old road goes, but now that I don't get to RIDE anymore..... *sniff, sniff* :-(

Willy D said...

That was pretty darn sweet.

Eve said...

this is wonderful LR!
Thanks for sharing your love for your father with us. I'm sure he is very proud of and looking down on you all.

George F said...

Nicely put and I love the picture of the two bikes by the old house on the lonely road :-)
I love the trees too :-)

Twitch said...

Great photos and writing. Makes me wish I was out there now instead of chained to a desk.

Lady Ridesalot said...

Billy... Like relished antiques, we have plenty of old roads around the south. :)

MDJ... Sorry to hear that! I would go batty if I didn't get to ride. I dump so much stress when I'm out on the Glide, I can't begin to imagine what I would turn into if I didn't have that outlet. Maybe you should find a rental and give yourself a therapy session. You deserve it! :)

Willy... Thanks friend. We were just out looking, trying to find some old abandoned inventory (for our new grass business!) We'll keep looking! :D

Eve... Thank you. He's my guardian angel now... couldn't ask for a better one than him.

George F... for some crazy reason, I'm in love with the way this Spanish moss hangs from the trees. It puts me into another lazy romantic era from long, long ago. (until you get a glimpse of those purty machines!) lol!

Twitch... I would rather be anywhere than chained to a desk. Ugh! Glad I was able to bring you a little spot of relief. Now... back to work! ;)

Freebird said...

Lovely! i think you will be a good storytelling too ;-).

Un saludo.

Webster World said...

Wow! That this is great. I can feel it.

bobskoot said...

Lady R:

You're such a romantic, a master of rhyming words. I also love that road. You're putting me to shame riding your 'Glide on those dirt roads and enjoying the hanging moss

Riding the Wet Coast

Twitch said...

Hey Lady R

The problem with getting back to work is that I don't really have any. I have to be here 8 hours a day but can usually finish everything I need to do in about 2. The rest of the day I spend reading blogs like yours. Which is why I'm thankful for people like you who update regularly, unlike certain others who start great stories and then take weeks before they get to the next part (you know who I mean)

Lady Ridesalot said...

Freebird... Thank you my friend. But around here, they call it "bullshitting"! LOL!

Webster... Thank you!

Bobskoot... Yes... you've nailed it. I'm an incurable romantic! I grew up reading trashy romance novels where the women are strong and beautiful and the men are powerful and handsome, AND would move heaven and earth to earn her love. I was quite shocked when I realized... that was not the world I live in!
BTW... I'll let you in on a little secret that helps me stay strong... yoga. shhhh! Strengthen the core... and all else follows. ;)

Twitch... Yeah, I hear ya. Maybe that taste of snow for a half a day froze his brain up. Naaa... truth be told, he probably does this on purpose, just to f*#k with folks like us! LOL!!

To the one we are referring to...**You know who you are!!! :D