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Monday, November 1, 2010


Harley and I stopped and visited one of Alabama's many dams during one of our rides a few weeks ago. I'm always amazed at how these structures work and they're usually quite impressive, but I have a funny reason for posting this pic today.

It actually serves as a good visual aid for how I feel the direction of our Country has gone lately. I feel like I'm out there in the water being sucked in by forces stronger than me and beyond my control. I'm drowning... but I want to live!

Tomorrow is voting day. I'm tired of big government... I'm tired of being told what I need... and I'm tired of giving everything I earn to the undeserving. GO VOTE!!

...Or you'll be sucked through the intake like water under the dam!

Have a great week everybody!

Lady R


Arizona Harley Dude said...

Hear, hear Lady R. No matter the outcome late into the 'morrow eve voting, and message sending, is the tall order of the day on November 2, 2010!!!!!!!!!!!

Can't hardly wait for the sound bites that follow on the 3rd, but I some how think it will be Bush's fault.

Arizona Harley Dude said...

Oh yeah, nice pictures as well!!!!!!

Veri word.........alike

Willy D said...

I can just picture a dump truck backed up to the intake dumping truckloads of cash. Think I’ll go cry now.

Webster World said...

I'm with you. Hate big govenment, taxes and all that crap. I know whats best for me. Vote!

mq01 said...

thank you for the ahhhh and mental swim moment :) now lets kick the asses out of offices and show 'em who runs this country. im with you lady R. time to vote!

KT Did said...

Cheers to You! You said it for America. Wish they could have had you for a PSA! An interesting day it will be too!

Twitch said...

I'm living in Singapore where they've had the same government for the last 60+ years. Want to swap?

Gary France said...

We have politicians just like yours. If I send some of ours over here to you, could you put them in a boat near to that water intake and see if the dam sucks the life out of them, like they do to us with our high taxes?

Good luck today in finding better replacements.

FLHX_Dave said...

Nice picts! That wirlpool freaks me out though. When I was a kid I got caught in one of those that was on a river break and was pinned to the riverbed until one of my friends knocked me loose. I thought i was dead. Your pict brought it all back. thanks! lol

Lady Ridesalot said...

AZ Dude... Well... we got some of it right. Now let's hope they do something good with it.

Willy... got more tissues? Wahhhh!

Webster... Taxes are gonna get us after the first of the year. The Bush stimulus will expire, and our tax tables will soar!

Mq01... keeping fingers crossed! The hard part is yet to come.

KT... Thanks! I think the day turned out very interesting indeed!

Twitch... No thank you! Unfortunately, I think some of our politicians forgot which country they are serving!

Gary... LOL! That is a great idea. I just hope our new guys are taking notes.

Dave... Gee, I'm sorry for reminding you of some bad memories. Thank goodness for friends!

Dean "D-Day" said...

Obviously, by the outcome of the elections, you weren't the only one who felt that way.
Now, let's see if the voting public's message got through to them or if it's going to be business as usual.