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Tuesday, November 23, 2010


... continued from yesterday.

So there we were, surrounded by beautiful autumn colors...

...taking a nice stretch break and enjoying some refreshing swigs of our Sonic sweet teas...

...when all of a sudden the peace and quiet of this tranquil countryside became intruded upon with a loud and thunderous roar.

I was looking in the opposite direction when I heard Harley say, "Holy Cow!" No, Irondad... it wasn't a bovine in cleric garb... nor was it a Hemi-Cuda or a butt load of wild turkeys as Bobskoot or Willy D might have suggested. So what was it, you say?? It was... it was... it was...

WILD HOGS!! (well... with several others mixed in! lol!)

I stood in awe for a few seconds before I had the presence of mind to grab the camera and try to capture these awesome riders before they were all gone. There must have been 30 or more, smiling and waving at us as they went by. I could feel the vibration of their bikes in my stomach as I watched them pass and I was thinking... "how cool is this!" Unfortunately, the only front shot I was able to (successfully) capture was the Spyder bike bringing up the rear.

Once they were gone and out of sight... the returning quietness of the fall colored country side fell eerily around us. We stood there for a moment and didn't speak, then Harley said... "Let's go catch 'em!" That's why I love that man... he knows how I think! LOL!

Well, we didn't chase them down like we joked we should, but instead we went about our way and had a nice lunch with Harley's Momma. Such a good son!

There's something totally cool about watching a large group of riders cruising along a highway like we did. I felt just a little envious that we weren't riding along with them, but hey... me and my Harley man have been a team of two for quite a long time now. I think we'll just keep on keeping on.

I know this is Thanksgiving week and it's all about the turkeys. But, be on the look out... you never know when a "hog" is going to come around the bend!

Ride on!
Lady R


Eve said...

NICE!!! It is fun being a part of a big group of bikes LR but at the same time it's fun being a group of two TOO!!! What a beautiful day!

mq01 said...

lol, nice! ya most of my time is riding solo. but its so nice to have a group to ride with on occasion too! ahhh, life is good :) happy turkey day!

bobskoot said...

Lady R:

I don't know if I could ride with them, their pipes are too loud. I need peace and quiet. I like the sound of the wind.

Wet Coast Scootin

Lady Ridesalot said...

Eve... The day was gorgeous! I can ride with one or many... as long as I can ride!

Mq01... Hubby and I have been riding together so long, we're almost like one machine out there. I can predict his move (when he's leading) almost before he does it. Love, love, love it! Happy Thanksgiving to you too!

Bobskoot... Well... they do make ear plugs. :)

Willy D said...

Wild Hogs, Wild Turkeys, don’t matter, you can cook them both. In reality, if you have enough Wild Turkey, you won’t care about anything else.

Freebird said...

When i ride solo i'm always thinking about all around me, it's a peacefull felling, my mind it's over my body, i love it!...

Un saludo