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Monday, September 20, 2010


Riding around the Alabama country side in the sizzling summer heat, we often find ourselves stretching our legs and wetting our whistles while lingering in the shadows of a tree lined driveway somewhere, usually leading you up some large corporation's property. This was one such day, when we came upon this huge generating plant and it reminded me of a castle, far up on the hill.

Of course it's not really a castle, but the TENASKA CENTRAL ALABAMA GENERATING STATION located northwest of Montgomery in Billingsly, AL. While we were standing around taking our break, I kept thinking how strange it would be if the flying monkeys suddenly came out armed with high voltage cattle prods and tried to take our motorcycles... Oh my!!

That's when I realized, the heat was frying my brain, and I took another big swig of juice! LOL!

Our days are beginning to feel less oppressive and it's going to start cooling off for us. That's when riding gets more enjoyable, cause I won't feel like a wet dishrag, just hanging on for the ride!

Have a great week everybody and ride on!!

Lady R


Arizona Harley Dude said...

Cooling off sounds good. We had 2 days of tease and now it is back to 109. At least fall starts Wednesday and we will drop all the way to 101.

Chris "Kickstart" Beason said...

They're saying we might have a cool 89 degrees by the end of the week. I'm not holding my breath. It felt like riding in an oven yesterday. Hope you have a great week too!

Ken said...

I rode to Alabama a few times when my daughter was staying there, twice in the summer. It was hard getting used to the heat/humidty, but the scenery was worth it!

Bucky said...

Hey, I send employees to work the Tenaska Power Plant all the time. They are one of our regular customers...
As for the heat... UGH, Dont even get me started. Its Only supposed to get into the lower to mid 980's here this week. Yup, feels like fall.
People tell me "yea, but your moving so you have a breeze on you" I tell them that "Riding here is like standing in front of a hair dryer. There may be a breeze, but its still 100 degree air"

Bucky said...

Oops... I meant lower 90's. But it still feels like the lower 980's.

biker baby said...

What an imagination you have.

Willy D said...

That does look like a castle of the Old South. Wonder if the design was intentionally so it blended in?

Lady Ridesalot said...

AZD... Our Labor Day Weekend gave us a small reprieve, but it was right back to the 90's after that. I'll be glad when I can open the windows at night at least!

Kickstart... I never thought I'd still be wearing cool rags and wetting my shirt down in the middle of September!

Ken... that's the trade off. We have great places to ride and awesome scenery to boot... just have to endure the south's firey furnace to do so.

Bucky... that 980 degree air is a killer! LOL! Blowing through the hot air only helps if your wet and then that only lasts 5 minutes. Fall riding is the best. I love the changes... too bad we can't enjoy them here, (the south) like we did back home. I really miss the seasons.

Biker Baby... hmmmm, not the first time I've been told that! LOL!

Willy... Maybe it will show up on the cover of "Old Castle's of the South" some day. Then you can say you knew someone who stood in their driveway once. LOL!

Want my autograph?

Webster World said...

Still better than a Mi. 40 below chill index. The trees are sheading. Have had some 70's. Getting better riding here also.

Lady Ridesalot said...

I'll trade my summers for yours, and keep my winters. Sounds like the perfect solution.