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Monday, July 19, 2010


Buck's Pocket State Park is a cool little park located just a few miles to the east of Lake Guntersville. When I posted our plans to ride in this area for the 4th of July, a fellow blogger over at Sunny Side Up told us we needed to put Buck's Pocket on our places to see list. Upon Eve's suggestion, we were fortunate enough to find this hidden treasure while riding around the lake area. Thanks again for the tip friend!

The view from up here was not as grand as the Little River Canyon, but still pretty breathtaking. The drop offs and cliffs were a little more intimidating, as you were able to get right up to the ledge.


There are signs posted everywhere that permits are required before repelling, so this must be a hot spot for that sort of activity. I can certainly understand it's popularity, since it's full of great places to climb... over the edge.

There's a legend behind Buck's Pocket State Park, that it's the place where defeated public officials go to lick their wounds. After visiting the grounds, I would think going to a place with high cliffs and drop offs, wouldn't be where I'd go after a depressing loss. LOL!

I hope you weekend was great! Here's to an even better Monday!

Lady R


Webster World said...

Cliffs...depressed. Thats not where I'd go. Must be a dry county.

Arizona Harley Dude said...

Great pictures and looks like it was a nice day to ride. Have a Great Week!!!

B.B. said...

Okay, that's it...we're coming out there next summer to ride with you guys.

Dean "D-Day" said...

Beautiful pics, as usual!

(I think over the edge is where most politicians should go, period! LOL)

Lady Ridesalot said...

Webster... If they were as bad as our present administration... it's more likely they were run off the damn cliffs! LOL!

AZD... The day WAS beautiful, in fact after we got rained on for the first 80 miles or so of our trip... it didn't drip another drop on us. :)

B.B... We try to explore new areas so we can find the coolest riding roads around here. I would love to show ya sometime!

Dean... see my note to Webster. LOL!

mq01 said...

DAMN again!!! ;) beautiful ladyR! come on b.b., lets go...

mrs rc said...

I'm with Dean! ...and BB!
R-O-A-D - T-R-I-P !!!!!!!!

Willy D said...

I like the last picture, two ‘horses’ at the hitching post.

FLHX_Dave said...

Believe it! Soon!

Lady Ridesalot said...

Mq01... LOL! I'm very fortunate to live in Alabama... it took getting a motorcycle to figure that out. :)

Mrs. RC... Woo Hoo! Time to review the Moto Maps!

Willy... ME TOO! In fact, I'm glad you said that, cause my first thought was to use that as my "Pic Of The Week". But Harley teases me cause I'm always taking pics with my bike in them. He laughs and says... "Don't you think they already know what your bike looks like?" My response usually is... "well, this is proof I was here." LOL! If nothing else, when I'm old, I can look back and remember where I've been. LOL!
Giddy up!

Dave... All I can say is... "bring it!" :)

KT Did said...

What a perfect place! Beautiful!

Eve said...

Oh Lady R!! where have I been!! I'm so glad you went to Bucks Pocket, what a beautiful place! Ok I fogot to link you on my favs, that was dumb!!! I'm going to catch up now.