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Friday, July 23, 2010


July 24, 1960
Once upon a time, a long, long, long time ago ... a rider was born. Her name was Baby Droolsalot. Baby D was a wonderful child and made her parents very happy.

When Baby D was just a little girl of 8 years, she experienced the sounds and feel of a motorcycle and knew then, that this awesome machine was going to be a key element in the happiness of life.

She grew up and became a motorcycle riding fool... hungry to ride every moment she could, resulting in her adult name... Lady Ridesalot.

Many, many, many... uh, many, years later, Lady R finds herself cruising through life, riding Harleys along side her very own Prince Charming, living happily ever after.


Harley and I are planning to spend my 1/2 century celebration riding, of course. We have two Poker Runs and a Rally scheduled in our reachable area this weekend, so we're still pondering as to which one (or ones) we plan to participate in. Either way, it's the best way to spend a birthday, if you ask me.

I still can't believe this monumental day has arrived... I'm too young to be 50!

Ride on and live happy...
Lady R


Jocelyn said...

YOU GO GIRL! Have a great trip and a happy birthday :-)

biker baby said...

Happy B-Day!! I didn't mind 50 at all. My hard year was 43...Why????? Who knows!

Have a great weekend!

Dean "D-Day" said...

Thanx for sharing the pictures and your special day.
Happy Birthday my friend.

Anonymous said...

Its your day all about you
Happy bday
Pattee Neiman

B.B. said...

I hope you and Prince Charming have a fantastic weekend! Happy Birthday!

mq01 said...

i love the black/white shots! brings back good memories of my own. :) the best years and best rides are yet to come!!! WOOHOO! HAPPY BIRTHDAY ladyR!

FLHX_Dave said...

The picture of the little girl on the motorcycle made me all warm and fuzzy. That is what I feel like on every ride. Love it, love it.

Happy 50/2...I say that because you are one of the sexiest and vivid 50 year olds that I know! A 25 year old is about as exciting as a glass of water. You on the other hand, are a Long Island Iced Tea, A shot of JD and a Sex On the Beach all in one pitcher!

Happy B-Day. Celebrate! Live! Love your special Day.

"Happy Birthday to you!....Happy Birthday to you!...You ride on a Harley...aaaaaand as badass as one too!!!!!"

(thank you, thank you...V.D. has left the building.)

Arizona Harley Dude said...

HAppy Birthday Lady R and a wish for many more!!!!!

IHG said...

Happy Birthday, DI! Love the pix of you on the vintage scoot! Big Hugs Sista!!! Hope you have a super fantastic day. Oh and did you read...D-Day is going to Blog again! I think it's a Christmas Miracle! :)

Lady Ridesalot said...

Jocelyn... Thank you! I plan to!

Biker Baby... Thanks! I'm certainly glad I don't FEEL like I'm 50. When I was younger... 50 meant you were practically dead! Geesh... did I ever change MY attitude!

Dean... Thank you and welcome back! We missed you. So what if your leading a dull and boring life now (wink)... we still want to hear all about it! LOL! tweet!

Patee... Thanks friend! I miss you all... tell everybody hi for me!

B.B... Yepper! And now that it's MY birthday... the tables are turned. Harley (my birthday slave) must obey my every wish! Muwahahahaha!

Mq01... well... when you get as old as I... a lot of your pics start to look nostalgic! I guess I'm officially a member of the American Antique Society now!

Viking Dave... WOW! What can I say. I just want to copy and paste that comment and look at it everyday!

"You on the other hand, are a Long Island Iced Tea, A shot of JD and a Sex On the Beach all in one pitcher!" ... I'm still smilin'!

No one's ever paid me a compliment in such a glorious fashion before. Thanks for boost! All I can say is... B.B is one fortunate lady to have a man such as yourself lined up as her partner in life. Congratulations to both of you again for finding each other.

I wouldn't trade my 50 years of wisdom to be 25 again... but I wouldn't mind looking like one again! LOL! (in spite of what you say!)

AZD... Thanks my friend. Hope your sisters had great days as well. I love summer birthdays! Weeee!

Steph... Thanks! Harley and I are planning to hit the road around 9 and see what we can get into. As long as I'm off riding all day... I'll be a happy birthday girl!

BTW... Yes! It is a Christmas Miracle! I'm so happy Dean has found his way back. We need to keep up the encouragement though... sounds like it could all go to the birds if we're not careful! LOL!

Webster World said...

Again Happy Birthday! The story and pictures are great. Well I'm pretty sure your Dad's bike was a 305 Honda Bearcat. Badass little bike back then. Have a great weekend.

KT Did said...

What a great post and HAPPEEEEEEEEEEEE BIRTHDAYYY!!! I love love love that black and white pic of you!!!!
Welcome to the half centurian peeps circle. It ain't that bad. The older you get... the better life is... really it is!!
Happy Birthday Lady R!

Willy D said...

Come on, you’re just a kid! At least compared to me. You’ll still be twisting the wick at 80. Have a great birthday ride!

Lady Ridesalot said...

Webster... Thank you! AND... thanks for the info on the bike. My brothers and I tried to remember when we looked through the old pics, but we weren't sure. We just remembered it was Honda.

KT... Thanks for the big welcome! I realize life is what you make of it, and I'm doing my best to keep it "full"! I just wish it wouldn't keep picking up speed. The older I get... the faster it goes!

Willy... Thank you my friend. I know there are others out there older than I (although, not as many as there used to be!)
I still have lots on my Bucket List to accomplish... so I guess you'll be seeing me... one day.

Charlie said...

Congrats on the birthday! Have a great ride and just remember.....age is just a number.


Eve said...

Happy Birthday LadyR! I beat you by just a few months...well ok maybe 5 but who's really counting!!! What a way to spend your 50th! It was a good one for me too...that's when I got my first Harley! Whooo hooo! Ride on!

Lady Ridesalot said...

Charlie... Thanks! Maybe I'll start counting backwards, now that I've hit 50. That way, as I age... I'll just get younger! LOL!

Eve... Thanks friend! Happy late birthday to you too then! We won't get older... we'll just get better!

(That's my story and I'm sticking to it!) LOL!

irondad said...

I'll bet you could be Lady Droolsalot if you see the right Harley!

May the second 50 be great, too!