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Monday, June 28, 2010


Harley and I make a game of finding new places to stop and stretch our legs while we enjoy a few necessary swigs of hydration, but the Tallapoosa River in Tallassee has always been one of our favorite stops. You might remember the Fitzpatrick Bridge and the Thurlow Dam from my previous "What To See In Tallassee" post, but this was the first time we ventured right down to the river's edge. Usually, there are folks fishing and we tend to shy away from crowds. LOL!

While we were there, we noticed this handicap fishing platform. I've never seen anything like that before but I thought... "how cool is that?"

It seems we gravitate towards water often when we look for places to ride, and with the summer southern heat... I can't believe we haven't taken advantage of a quick dip when we find some.

Harley's been doing much talk lately of missing the pontoon boat and maybe we should consider trading in our Glides for another boat. WTF?? I'm trying to think of ways we can do both, since I'm not sure I'm ready for that yet.

Besides, I can't trade in the Glide yet... I haven't accomplished my dream!

Have a great Monday everybody!

Lady R

REMINDER: Don't forget that today is H-D's sponsored "Million Mile Monday". Everybody ride today and don't forget to log in your miles! Another thing.... if you see a large pontoon boat rolling down the road, don't worry. That's just Harley... going to work. ;D


Webster World said...

I do remember the other post. It was good. You should take advantage of the cool water of the Tallapoosa. Skinny dipping anywhere is a blast. Got arrested my first time. Haa haa.

biker baby said...

We have a boat too. Rich loves to ski. We haven't had the boat out this year at all and not at all last year. We plan to get it out sometime this year and teach the grandkids to ski. We started with my grandson and he was doing pretty good. We gotta get back out there with them. It's hard to have both hobbies, plus the boat is sooooo expensive. I still am not working and Rich's hours have been cut real bad. It doesn’t look very promising for this year.

B.B. said...

Beautiful pics, as always! Was Harley drunk when he said to trade in the Glides?

Dean "D-Day" said...

Trade in the WHA?!?!?!

Don't think that I can even say it.

(Great pics, as always!)

FLHX_Dave said...

Harley can go right ahead and trade in his hog...but yours? I THINK NOT!! Then we would have to rename your site something like...errrr..."Lady Bobs-Alot", or "Lady Pontoon Poonani", or "Lady River-Rat". (that last one was ok i guess.)

That sign that says "Danger - Hazardous Waters - Stay Waters" is confusing to me. The sign is facing the water...so, wouldn't that mean if you can read that sign that you are already in the water? Too late! A gator has your ass in its mouth!

Nice picts...I am in love with the first one. I used to have a jetski and that looks like a bitchin' place to ride.

Lady Ridesalot said...

Webster... After a long hot ride, we come home and jump in our pool. I can at least say I haven't been arrested... yet. LOL!

Biker Baby... we had a nice pontoon boat for about 3 years and we had a blast with it, but I'm having a blast on my Glide too! Teaching grandkids to ski... priceless.

B.B... No. He wasn't drunk... but whenever he starts crazy talk, I look at him like he is! LOL!

Dean... I know, I know. Don't say it. I can't even go there. When he starts talking like that I just tease him back saying I'll just have to go without ya! I'm not ready to hang up the handle bars yet!

Dave... I'll take the Lady River Rat. Pontoon Poonani! LOL! Sounds like boat sex! "come here and give me some of that poonani!" tee hee!
Jet ski's sound like lots of fun. Motorcycles on water... how cool is that? The only problem is, you can't ride your jet ski to work. Pffft.

mq01 said...

theres gotta be a way you can have both ladyR. i know im thinking that very thing (well not pontoons here, i miss jetboats), but i need to find the money tree first ;)

word veri; portions. seriously?! wtf... :)

Willy D said...

Sure. I’ll trade in my Glide when you cut off your… That’s what you tell him.

Lady Ridesalot said...

Mq01... I know the feeling... our tree needs some serious fertilizer! Jet boats sound like awesome fun. When we had our pontoon boat several years ago, our friends would ask... "why'd you get a pontoon?" We would laugh and reply, "that's not just a pontoon... it's the party barge." LOL!
Harley knows how much fun I'm having, so I think he'll hang in there with me for a while. Point to remember... he's gotta have something to tease me about, or he ain't happy!

Willy D... Oh my! I don't know if he's related to Lorana or not, but that sounds like a punishment that may come back to haunt ME!! I'm kinda used to it... attached an all.
Don't worry about me yet Willy. Like I said... I'm not done yet!