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Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Last weekend while Harley and I were puttin' around the Alabama highways, we found ourselves riding through Tallassee, Alabama. This little historic town is bordered on the east and west by two rivers... the Coosa and the Tallapoosa, and is home to a major hydroelectric power plant run by the Alabama Power Company. We actually ride through here a good bit and one of the coolest parts about it is the Fitzgerald Bridge, which crosses over the Tallapoosa River and the Thurlow Dam.
The biggest problem about riding across this bridge on your motorcycle, is trying to keep your eyes on the road! I am fascinated with the dam, the jagged rocks below and old historic looking buildings that are still standing around below the bridge. There's an old cotton mill that was built in 1844 and converted into an armory during the American Civil War. It's the only Confederate Armory that wasn't destroyed during the war, and it's pretty cool to look at it and imagine what life must have been like back then.

There's no place to stop on the bridge, but we parked at a Bank that's right on the river at the East end of the bridge to try and get some good pics.
When we zoomed our camera in, we were able to get this shot of Yates Dam, about a mile or so up river.
Tallassee is roughly 20 miles east of Montgomery, so we find ourselves on this little stretch of Hwy. 14 a lot. On this particular day, I saw the untimely passing come to one of our beloved Alabama Buzzards. Harley and I were following behind an older model van, that looked like an old painter's van with no windows. We were clipping along, around 68 mph., having a nice relaxing, guilt free ride through the country when... BAM! All I really saw was an explosion of dark feathers at the right front bumper of the van. Then, as I passed by the area of impact, I saw the poor old buzzard dazed and still staggering along the side of road, fluttering what was left of a featherless wing. I felt sorry for that big ol' bird right then, realizing how quick his day just went from good to bad, all before you could even say "foo-bar".

While cruising around the state on Hwy. 14, we find ourselves making a stop in the little community of Notasulga, Alabama, home to the infamous Sammy the Cat. Even though Sammy's story has earned him a bit of notability, we missed the opportunity to meet him in person. You can be certain though, I kept my eyes peeled for any energies of the spiritual nature, since there have been so many reports of ghost sitings in this area, that the residents don't even get excited about them anymore. We stopped here for a little stretch break, and while taking a couple pic of this old building, I wondered if there were any ghosts in there. Ooooooohhh!
Tucked away in the back of this old cabin is our little "Historic Out House" I posted about yesterday for my Pic Of The Week. I still think it's funny that the old privy is a protected antique!

Crossroads like these are such a treat when you ride. It's like your entering a time warp, and your rumbling iron steed is the only way you can travel from one dimension to another.
These buildings are of an era long gone, but not yet forgotten. I had to laugh at the handwritten sign by the door of the big gray barn. It says, "BARN DANCE 2nd & 3rd Thursdays 8:00 PM". The other one, in the window says "MUSIC LESSONS inside". I wondered how old those signs were. I sat for a moment, while I imagined a couple of old fellas lounging around in front of the Fred's feed and seed, watching the busy happenings in their little town of Notasulga. Ah, the good ol' days.

If you ever find yourself in our little neck of the woods, Tallassee is a great place to ride. Hotel Talisi serves a great little lunch and provides an atmosphere of historic preservation within it's walls.

There are rivers and bridges and broken buzzards too,
along with pretty country roads, to satisfy you.
You can just imagine, what treats you may see
when riding through our old, and historic Tallassee.

Ya'll come back now, ya hear!

Lady R


Ann said...

Great post, LadyR. That poor old buzzard!

Dean "D-Day" said...

Love the pictures! I can see why you'd have trouble keeping your eyes on the road.

fasthair said...

Ms. lady R: Great post with super photos. One thing I like about the old south is the old buildings that they still take care of and remember as part of our past. Thanks for taking me along on your nice little weekend ride!


B.B. said...

Beautiful pics! It's been raining a lot here, so no riding for me. I guess that's what us westerners get for making fun of the snow bound people. Thanks for letting me come along on the ride through your post and pics!

Bucky said...

Pretty cool stuff to view on your weekly rides. Not too much here to see like that, unless we just miss most of it. Florida is pretty flat, and not very historic. The worst part is, almost anywhere you go, it is by interstate or turnpike. Not too many "back roads" to get you there that are not crowded.

Any plans on going to daytona in two weeks. Lee and I have a room for a few days and we are looking forward to leaving the chitlins behind and having a grand ol time.


Webster World said...

These are pretty cool picture's. As all know I being a history freak love it. Old towns tell so much. As you said you stand there and you can feel and see in your mind all the activity. The two men standing there or go way back with all the wagons pulling up to the cotton mill. The lower dam looks awful rugged. Glad you and Harley had a great ride.

FLHX_Dave said...

Buzz killer! oh...buzzard killer! oh, that wasn't you was it...well, be glad because they are not exactly small birds.

Way cool! I got an itch to scratch just looking at all that. Awesome.

Ghosts? I see them every day walking around...well, at least people who look like they might as well be anyway.

I have been wet for a week, literally. It has been pouring here but still ride everyday even if it's just to work. I'm starting to feel like I will never dry out. I'm soaked right now even. Good to see someone out and about in a dryer climate at the moment.

Sweet picts and thanks for sharing.

mrs rc said...

The Coosa and Tallapoosa??? You can't make sh*t up that good!!! LOL

RC and I often find ourselves riding across the Conowingo dam and Hydro-Electric facility. It's 2 very skinny lanes and no shoulders, but I still find myself peering over the bridge to see the high waters on the one side and the rocks way down below on the other! It's sooooo cool--one of my favorite places to ride!!

Lady Ridesalot said...

Ann... I don't think any roadkill is worth getting killed over, heh? LOL!

Dean... Believe it or not, there are some really cool places around here that make it hard to concentrate on the road. Makes for a good "Zen" ride.

fasthair... The south is so rich with history, all you have to do is just look around. Glad you enjoyed the "ride"

B.B... Rain rain, go away,come again another day! Let me know if that helps. :) Hope your back on the road soon.

Bucky... a no chitlin weekend! Sounds dandy! We will not be able to join you. We've already got plans for the second weekend of the Bike Week. You go and have lots of fun for me though! Get some good pics, and we'll share them with everybody!

Webster... It's very interesting how the old is mixed with the new. Kind of like those handwritten signs on those old building.

The rocks below the dam are extremely jagged, but they entice you to look down at them. It looks like Mother Nature tried to scoop them up, but changed her mind. Very interesting formations.

Dave... Sorry to hear of all your rain latley. Maybe the song I sang for B.B. will help. Just let me know if we need to start dancing! LOL!

I'm glad the buzzard didn't play chicken with me! I would hate to gamble on that outcome. Still made me feel a little bad for the poor fella as I thought to myself... better him than me!

Mrs. RC... We are full of interesting names around here. The Creek Indians were here first and lot of names for streets, rivers and towns, come from that. Glad you enjoyed our little ride. And yes, I love riding over bridges too. Sometimes, we can find one that we can safely stop on and look over the edge for a while. Not many though!

Mr. Motorcycle said...

Damn, nice Pics. Pun intended. Good read as always. I like you always feel bad when I see an animal get hit, and squirm in agony.

B.B. said...

Hey....your song did help....no rain today! I think we're going to be dry until the weekend!

WooleyBugger said...

My best summers were spent in Alabama as a youth on My Grand parents and Uncles Farms or at Grandmas House on Shades Mountain. The farm was in Shelby County right near the little airport.

Lady Ridesalot said...

Mr. M... thank you for the dam comments! LOL! I may have felt sorry for the bird, but I was glad it wasn't me that hit it :(

B.B... Yeah! :) Ride safe!

Wooley Bugger... I know right where your talking about. I have a friend who lives in Alabaster. I think Alabama has some nice little treasures as far as our country roads go. I love to explore where we haven't been. Sometimes, we turn down a road, just cause we want to see what's down it. :)

"Joker" said...

Great pics. That old armory looks really cool. I never got to see sights like that when I was in Alabama, but then again when you're on Uncle Sam's time, sight-seeing isn't exactly a consideration. I do vaguely remember a ratty strip joint near Anniston that was about as close to "Porky's" as you can get in real life. There was even a big fat guy in the place who was like, I dunno, the 'emcee' I guess. I'll never forget what he kept saying, in reference to the strippers...

"Dip one, dip two, dip 'em all...I do..." LOL!

Lady Ridesalot said...

Joker... I don't think there is a military base around that doesn't have it's own personal ratty strip club close by. What does that say about us us duty bound pervs?

If we ever get up around Anniston for a ride, I'll be sure and post some pics!

Baron's Life said...

Keeping my eyes on the road would also be difficult at best ending up at the bottom of the Dam. That would serve me right for sinning so openly...lol
The pics are absolutely out of this world. I need to learn to do this some day..but at my age..I'll leave the task to my Grand Children.