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Monday, April 12, 2010


Lake Martin has some really nice roads leading to and around it, and Harley and I consider this area as one of our favorite places to spend a Saturday. We often stop near the Kawliga Bridge and take a stretch break and I'll try to snap a few pics of anything I see interesting.

On our ride this past Saturday, I noticed how pretty the dogwoods were, full of their regal white blossoms, a sure sign that Spring was in full swing. I tried to capture their beauty as we stood by the water's edge.
We were very bad this weekend, as we spent both days puttin' around on the Glides... and our chores still remain undone. We couldn't help ourselves, the weather was just too pretty not to get out and ride in it... so we did.

I guess that means I'll be like a demon possessed for the next four days, so I can get us ready to go to Angel City this Thursday. Life was much simpler before we got Harleys! So much to do... so little time.

Have a great week everybody!

Lady R


Motorcycle Clothing said...

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Webster World said...
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Webster World said...

Simple yes. But having Harleys makes it a lot easyer to not give a rats ass about work at home.

Motorcycle Clothing said...

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B.B. said...

Chores will be there rain or shine, ride when you can ride and the rest of the time can be spent on chores. Beautiful pics!

FLHX_Dave said...

Being bad never felt so good. And folks wonder why others do bad things....pfffftttt

kathy said...

If that's bad...
Then I'm a really baaaaad girl!

Rick said...

The photos look great. Spring has been slow in coming in these parts. The days for riding have been too few and too far in between.

Lady Ridesalot said...

Webster... that's the truth. I've gotten real complacent with my duties since becoming a rider. It's funny how fast our priorities change! :}

Motorcycle clothing... uh... okay then. Thanks for stopping by, I think.

B.B... our weather has been perfect riding weather, so it's easy to put off everything else. Just walk in the house with one eye closed and it doesn't look half bad. LOL!

Dave... I can be bad like this a lot! I'm just warming up for the weekend. Look out! ;D

Kathy... at least I know I have good company! LOL! Ride on...

Rick... Welcome to my blog. I just went over to visit your site and I love your doodle drawings. I just may have to see about getting one made for me. I love them! I'll be checking back with ya. Thanks for the comment! Hope your weather cooperates with you soon, ours has been awesome!

Canajun said...

Great pictures. Still a couple of weeks away for the flowering shrubs here, but it's coming!

Mr. Motorcycle said...

That's tough. When you are riding and there is work to do, You feel like you should be working. When you are working and there is riding to do, you feel like you should be riding.

Riding usually wins. Thus there is always a list of chores undone.

mq01 said...

i love dogwoods and magnolias. great pics! yup, thats how you know riding season is in full gear here, nothing else gets done, LOL :) ride on ladyR!!

Willy D said...

The only thing I have against dogwoods is the one in my backyard. The ‘drupes’ that drop every fall are messy. But the birds like the fruit and the cats like the birds. So I don’t have to spend as much money on cat food. It all has a way of working out.

Lady Ridesalot said...

Canajun... I'd like to see your area during your springtime. In fact, I'd like to ride all across Canada some day. I keep playing the lottery, I'll let you know! LOL!

Mr. M... Your soooo right... riding usually does win. Fortunately, I've gotten over feeling guilty too much. ! :)

Mq01... nada, nothing, not even a quick sweep! LOL!

Willy... LMAO! When our cats sit on the window ledge and chirp at the birds outside, I like to think they're watching live TV. It's sure better than the Animal Planet.

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