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Monday, August 10, 2009



"I'd rather be riding my motorcycle, thinking about God... then sitting in church, thinking about riding my motorcycle." Author ... another biker.

Harley and I often find our selves riding past this quaint little country church just north of Autaugaville on Hwy. 14. Contrary to what my last Dear Diary post revealed, I don't always go around with my hair on fire. Most of the time, my rides are really just relaxing days of endless therapy.

During one of those particular rides, we decided to stop here to take a little stretch break and enjoy the cool shade provided by the beautiful tree lined driveway. The peace and quiet joined with the coolness of the shade made this spot a most rewarding choice. Accept for the occasional car passing on the nearby highway, all you heard were birds singing and katydids chirping.

For some reason, I love to take pics of these old historic rural southern churches. They are so simplistic in structure, but make such a magnificent statement just the same.

Have a nice Monday everyone!!

Lady R


Ann said...

Peace and tranquility...I think I need some of that. :)

Great pic. Have a great Monay!

Dean "D-Day" said...

Definitely the picture of peace and tranquility. Love it!

mq01 said...

i love old churches and general architecture too. great pic ladyR. i can imagine the serenity and could see that becoming a favorite picnic stop. excellent!! happy monday.

B.B. said...

Beautiful! I also love old churches, especially when they are surrounded by beautiful country.
Thanks for bringing some tranquility to my Monday!

GYMONR said...

Glider Rider, sorry this has nothing to do with this post (great post by the way) but you said something about riding the Natchez trace this weekend as you were leaving a comment at my site. I just wanted to say have a safe trip and I hope you take a lot of photos along the way. The reason being I’m thinking of doing a scooter (49cc) ride of the whole trace with a buddy of mine. I love to hear what you think about the trip…can’t wait for your blog…
Big Al

Anonymous said...

Hey, know you're getting ready to take your trip too so if I miss you /Mon conference it's because I have to get a hair cut tonight. Last minute Annie here-should have got alot done yesterday but worked Sat. to get some stuff done and Sun-couldn't behave myself all weekend so went to lunch with the girls and kept on and on and on-all afternoon. Have fun-be safe-and talk to you soon. EM

Big Daddy said...

Great Pic'
And the quote fits perfectly..;]

Mr. Motorcycle said...

Church parking lots are a great place to pull over and rest. They always seem to be open and fairly empty during the middle of the day.

Nice picture!

Lady Ridesalot said...

Ann... I think we all need a daily dose! :)

Dean... Thanks! The moment was very tranquil. (and cool!) Sometimes its hard to find a nice shady spot to stop, but this one is perfect.

mq01... I take pics of old churches all the time. I keep thinking that I'll put a slide show together of just old southern churches... one day.

B.B. Your welcome! The south has a lot of beautiful scenery to offer... if you can just stand the heat! But that's why this is one of my favorite places... look at all that shade!! :}

Al... I'm going to post about my little road trip tomorrow and don't worry... I hope to take lots of pics! We've been wanting to do this for awhile also. I'm glad we're going!

EM... Alright now, you last minute Annie! LOL! No one can be as bad as me! I'm the same way... getting laundry done, house cleaned up, pool vacuumed and ready for the house sitter... all this work just for a five day road trip on the motorcycle? Why of course!! Can't wait to go! I'll ck in with ya later today! Be Sweet!! :)

Big D... Amen to that brother!

Mr. M... Thanks! We stop in church lots most of the time, for the exact reasons you just stated. I remember getting my figure 8's down pretty good in a church parking lot. I'm sure the big guy upstairs enjoyed the show. LOL!

FLHX_Dave said...

Amen to that. Amen to the pict. Amen for the ride.

Willy D said...

It “was” peaceful and quiet. And the birds “were” happy. Until… someone rode one of those loud annoying Harleys into the little birdies home!

Lady Ridesalot said...

Dave... Amen for friends too. Glad to know ya.

BTW... you and B.B. better put Alabama on your "highway tour" list of places to ride... you road whores you!! Come on down here, we have lots of dead trees we can visit. LOL!

Willy D... LOL! I like to play chicken with the little squirrels too.
"I'm bad... I'm bad... jump on it!" LOL!