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Monday, April 20, 2009


I've come to befriend one of our sweet older patients who sees my dentist down at the Tooth Factory. This nice southern woman always inquires about my motorcycle adventures and one time, even brought me a Harley Davidson Calendar. Ms. D is a cow farmer, and keeps her cows on some family land in Smut Eye, Alabama. She's always after me to stop by and see her when I'm out riding, so I just wanted to take this picture of myself at the ol' Smut Eye Grocery Store so I can show her I was there. She'll get a big kick out this after she scolds me for not stopping by.

Besides, this is a good time to show you the kinds of interesting structure you'll see while riding all over our southern country highways. And yes... Smut Eye really is a place.

Have a great week everybody!

Lady R


Arizona Harley Dude said...

What a great picture! It kind of reminds me of a place my grandparents ran in Williana, Louisiana. The only things missing are gas pumps, a Coke cooler box, and a bench. I can imagine all the yarns that have been spun under that overhang.

Thanks for the memory.

Webster World said...

Great shot. I loved those spots when I lived in Ga. AS AHD said imgagine the yarn spun.

Dean "D-Day" said...

What a cool old place!
Thanx for the pic.

ratone said...

The joy's of riding and the sights you see..Great pic..a coke out of the cooler would good down good about now..

B.B. said...

Smut Eye! That's awesome!

Mr. Motorcycle said...

Ha! Smut Eye, only brings one thing to mind. Be careful! You'll shoot her eye out!

Sorry, I had to go there.

FLHX_Dave said...

Smut Eye, errr...sounds like a good time to me! I can't tell you the minds eye visuals that came about.

Very cool. I love places like that. Webster said it right when he stated "Great shot". You betcha!

Canajun said...

The places you can find when you ride - if only you take the time to look.

Did you at least buy something there?

Good photo. Thanks for sharing.

Charlie said...
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Charlie said...

Glider Rider -
I will have to go by and snap a pic of a convenience store here in Spokane Wa that is named "Bongs". Just makes you giggle to even go by. Great pic by the way.

mq01 said...

great pic. i can remember when many parts of the NorCal Bay Area looked like that. little towns are such gems!!!

Lady Ridesalot said...

AZ Dude... There are a lot of these kinds of old forgotten buildings all over the county roads. Even in their dilapidated state they still have such great character!

Webster... Yep, lots and lots of yarn!

Dean... ;) Your welcome!

Ratone... Ah... how refreshing! "The sites we see"... always something interesting, just around the corner.
BTW... Hope your sting has gone away. :(

B.B... I knew I would get a laugh out of the name alone. I can't believe I've traveled this road many times and never really stopped at this old store before.

Mr. M and Dave... I was wondering who was going to make a comment about getting "smut" in your eyes, and/or how it got there. So funny!

Ding, ding, ding! Youse win! LOL!

Canajun... No, it is not in business any longer. It's practically falling in on itself at the back of the building, but the front still looks pretty good. What I got from there, couldn't be bought... a few reflective moments, imagining life from another era, in this little corner of the south. Very curious.

Charlie... Cool places like that are worth sharing. If it puts a smile on my face or make me think about it more than a few minutes, it's worth bringing to the table.

mq01... My hubby and I usually travel on smaller highways anytime we ride. It's on those roads that your rewarded with the old America that has been lost but not forgotten.
I think it would be cool if someone (with lots of money), could come in and revive these old stores and gas stations, and make little rest stops of history. As a biker, I would much rather stop at a place like that, than these big monster gas stations with 15 pumps and two restaurants.

When I win the lottery, I will do that!

chessie said...

I like!!! thanks for the Smut Eye!
I have really enjoyed your blog these last weeks...excellent views and thoughtful postings... :)

Lady Ridesalot said...

Chessie... Thanks, coming from you, I feel honored. I love reading your blog also. In fact I'm very jelly that I can't enjoy the roads as often as you do. My J-O-B keeps me from being able to take off for a weeks at a time and play. Maybe I can get some paying writing gigs some day and put the tooth factory on the back burner. Hmmm... I can dream, can't I?

Ronman said...

Love the shot Lady R. Now this is my kind of place. Out of the way tucked back in a time gone by. Good stuff!