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Thursday, March 12, 2009


I know how Rodney Dangerfield must have felt when he would complain about getting no respect. It's a real "pissed on" feeling, let me tell ya! I'm usually very happy with the fact that I'm a woman, but yesterday was another story. I would have given anything if I could have been a 6'8, 320 lb., scary looking dude with arms the size of most peoples legs! Why, you ask? Take a look at this!
I went to Lowe's after work to pick up some Round Up for Harley. I've been itching to ride for days and I was happy to run this errand for him so I could extend my commute home. As I was walking out of the store with my purchase, I noticed this truck hugging on my Glide. WTF! I could tell from across the parking lot there was some serious encroachment of her space going on. I looked to see if I would have any trouble backing her out of her spot, and even though I decided I would be okay, I was still pissed off. I realized I was dawdling with the chore of stowing my package and donning my helmet and gloves. I was wanting to see what jerk off decided he needed so much room. Maybe it's a good thing he didn't show up, because my mouth would have put me in serious jeopardy, I'm sure!

I used to carry fake parking tickets that were a joy to share with drivers like this. They simply said, "If you f**k like you park, you'll never get any!" Maybe tomorrow's errands will include a little trip to the printing shop.

Lady R


Anonymous said...

Aaaargh! I feel for you. I am a guy, but I hate to say that during many trips to Lowe's and Home Depot I've seen the worst that testosterone has to offer - from the parking lot to behavior inside the store (rude and ignorant).
Interestingly, I think you might have to admnit that much the same thing happens where womnen congregate to the general exclusion of men. I'm speaking here from my experiences received when making deliveries to bridal shops. Eeeeek.
Men and women do seem at their best when they are together!

Ann said...

I used to carry around tickets that said, "Next time you want to park so close, leave me a fucking can opener to get out, asshole!" and it had Mickey Mouse giving the finger!

What a jackhole!

Willy D said...

I’m sorry. I’ll try to park better next time;) I hear ya. Some people have no respect. That car behind you looks like they parked by the Braille method also. But on the flip side, I’ve noticed that parking spaces have been shrinking over the years. Lets cram every last car we can into the lot. I don’t know about you, but anything to do with “shrinkage” I don’t like :(

fasthair said...

Look out Harley!!! Ms. Lady R: is planning on poisoning you! If your coffee tastes funny, as in herbicide, don't drink it. I have it from a reliable source she bought weed killer the other day and has dire plans for you. She even posted it on the internet and I quote... "I bought some weed killer for Harley" RUN Harley RUN!!!


B.B. said...

I hate assholes like that! If you can't figure out how to park it, you shouldn't be driving it!

Motor-head Lady said...

Oh man have you hit on a nerve! I am so with you on this. I think you absolutely need to make that trip to the print store!
Ann, I too used to carry these: "Next time you want to park so close, leave me a fucking can opener to get out, asshole!" . Maybe we need to resurrect those cards.

Lol @ fasthair's comment.


FLHX_Dave said...

This is why I care a valve stem remover. A couple of turns and a slow air release. Really ruins your day.

Now you really don't think that I would do something like that now do you? I could really be a dickhead and shank the sidewall, but that's just too mean.

Heart of a Cowgirl said...

Oh! Too funny (not the idiot parking so close, but the parking tickets!) My hubby has a Harley and I'm always amazed at how rude (and unsafe) people in cars are toward motorcycles.

"Joker" said...

What a prick. I'd have definitely done something to his truck for that.

Funny Dave mentioning the sidewall, that was my first thought. Tapping the Schrader valve is better though - you make the point without really leaving yourself open to being charged with vandalism. I'm going to have to get me one of the stem tools, up to now I've been bending a match in half and jamming it in the valve!

Mr. Motorcycle said...

Oooooooooooooh this kind of shit really burns my ass. I F'n hate people who can't learn how to park, and respect other peoples property. It's just like stupid people who leave door dings, and think nothing of it.

IowaHarleyGirl (Stephanie) said...

You are so much like me that it's scary! I'm surprised my mouth and my free flying bird finger haven't gotten me beat up! lol

I hate RUDE people! They suck! I mean seriously...have some Respect! I think you really need to go the print shop...thanks for the idea too. I'm going to get some of these cards myself.

Baron's Life said...

I don't hate anyone, cause I realize the world is full of ignorant uneducated, uncaring folks whose motto may be ....get this...Me First...Also there are people who do not really know better and do not realize their liberty ends at their neighbors door step... them folks will never know any better...so better hoist your iron horse when you think it's less likey to be in harm's way...
You people need to realize...we're surrounded by idiots...and by God, they're winning.
Keep on trucking sister

Mastercheif said...

I'm with you an this one. That is how everybody in Utah parks..like a bunch of inconsiderate pricks. I'm not as nice as you. I always leave a dent. That might be because I'm a huge mean looking asshole and I can!!

Lady Ridesalot said...

anonymous... welcome to my blog. I wish I knew who you were to welcome you properly. But, your right about the sexes finding bravery within the ranks. I hate to admit, that men don't have a monopoly on acting like jerks when they think they've got a supportive audience. Thanks for your comment!

Ann... I like that one too. Actually, that one is not as crude as the one I use to carry around. I'd be ashamed of myself if I realized I put a "fucking" parking ticket on a little old grandma's ride. =:O Thanks for the idea!

Willy D... I hear ya on the shrinkage! I have a problem with expansion, myself. My jeans are the only thing shrinking around here. LOL!

Fasthair... You crack me up! When Harley got home yesterday, I asked him if he read my post and comments yet. He thought for a moment, then chuckled, "Yeah, I hear your trying to kill me." We just laughed about it, cause we always tell each other we are worth more dead, than alive. (Keep your Life Insurance policies up to date folks!) LOL!
P.S. Harley doesn't RUN anywhere!

B.B... Ditto sister!

MHL... At least those little pieces of paper can help release a little frustration and make a point at the same time. Ditto on fasthair's comment. LOL!

Dave... Great idea! I could actually do that! When I came home and told Harley and showed him the pics I took with the cell phone, his quote was, "I would have had to key that f*#ker!" Those were my thoughts exactly, but I knew I would be the one getting caught vandalizing. Thanks for the great tip! :)

Cowgirl... Glad you like the tickets! Your hubby can probably vouch, that a lot folks don't respect motorcycles, probably from shear ignorance, if nothing else.

Joker... see my note to Dave. I'm with you. My revenge would've backfired on me if I'd taken my first approach. Like Harley, I thought about taking my key to it. But, I think it would have been funny as hell to flatten the asshole's tire, then watch from a few rows away when he discovered his dilemma. Sweet justice.

Mr. M... Speaking of dings. Just last week, when in a parking lot with my OLD Mazda, some jerk swung his door open wide and "BAM", his door went right into mine. I think I surprised him, cause he didn't notice me sitting in the car. I step out of the vehicle and looked at him with my famous "look" that will stop a bear in his tracks and said, "Excuse me, I know this isn't a new car or anything, but I still don't appreciate you banging the hell out of it with your door!" I could tell he was embarrassed, because he apologized and started rambling something about the wind catching the door, blah, blah. I just shook my head at him and went on. Jerks!

Stephanie... Do you know how many times Harley has told me to keep my mouth shut, I'm going to get in trouble? Thousands! I can't help it. When I get pissed off, my gator runs faster than my brain.

Baron... see my note to Stephanie above. My hubby agrees with you. We have some real creepy folks out there who will shoot you quicker than you can say WTF? He's constantly warning me to be careful of how I interact with others in an unpleasant situation. A warning we should all heed.

Masterchief... LOL! Grrrr! You get em Sasquatch! Where were you when I needed you!

BTW... my own word veri for today was... "unkel" No, I'll never give up!

Anonymous said...

Lady R-Cool your jets! That person must not have been taught to drive a large vehicle first--or my other theory is you just can't help stupid! By the way, some women have to do their own Lowe's shopping-I'm in there more than any clothing store. Enjoy this great weather & talk to you soon. EMother. Ps I still want you-JC

Baron's Life said...

Lady Ridesalot...
cool it baby...u don't want somebody shooting at you...we're surrounded by idiots and they are winning...!
Stay cool, listen to your hubby's advice and keep on trucking...oops...riding

Lady Ridesalot said...

anonymous aka EM... hey friend! You know me! I wanted to burn someones ears for this! But, I was the smart girl and rode away without incident. However, I wasn't going to be happy till I vented! LOL!

Miss you! Looking forward to our visit in a couple weeks. I haven't called the Marvelous Ms. M yet, but I will try today. Hate it Red Light Roxanne won't be able to come. See ya soon!

P.S. for J.C.... I'm smiling, baby! ;)

Baron... No worries friend! I've got a lot more bark than bite. Ride on is definitely the best answer!

Road Captain said...

Hey, did you see you are featured on Clutch & Chrome?!

Two Buck said...

Looks like he didn't leave you very much room to stand your bike up and back out. I've had that happen to me and I hate it too. I deal with it by taking the same level of care leaving that they took in parking. Unfortunately, this often leads to me scraping the edge of my aluminum handgrips against their paint job.


Anonymous said...

My favorites are the morons who squeeze between you and the car next to you when you are at the gas pump. One day one of them is going to get a boot print in the side of his door.

Lady Ridesalot said...

Road Captain... Yes! I received my email from the editor last Friday morning right before we left for Atlanta. Pretty cool! Thanks for noticing! :)

Two Buck... There was just enough room, but barely. I'm 5'4 and weigh 145 (that's my story and I'm sticking to it!) and I'm very proud of the fact that I'm capable of maneuvering my bike around, but sometimes, it's difficult to move that 850 lbs. of happiness around in tight spots. When I did stand her up, there wasn't, but maybe two inches between the rear corner of my hard bags and his truck. Dirt bag! I still get pissed when I think of it.

You and I think alike. Only, there just wasn't enough privacy to do the dirty deed!

Thanks for stopping by!

Anonymous... I hear ya on that too! I wear size 8. Big enough for a decent dent, heh? LOL!

Ronman said...

5'4" funny I pictured you as much taller............