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Monday, February 23, 2009


I've been under the weather with a nasty cold and cough, so there was no riding for me this weekend. I had to reach into my archives for today's pic. Harley and his pals enjoyed a boys trip to Maine a couple summers ago took a ferry ride over Nova Scotia. They made a small loop in Canada around that area before coming back out. There are tons of good pics and stories to share of his ride that summer. We will have to work on a guest post to bring you some of the highlights. Until then, have a nice Monday everyone!

Lady R

Author's Note: Thank you Baron and Joker for voting me the "Fabulous Blog Award". I will address that honor this evening when I get home. :)


Ann said...

I spent a week in Nova Scotia with friends as a teenager. It's a fun place, and lots of beautiful views.

Hope you're feeling better, LadyR! We fought that virus in my house for 2 weeks.

Willy D said...

I guess that it’s appropriate that you used a picture with fog. Screw work. Stay home.

Mr. Motorcycle said...

It looks gloomy there with the fog, yet beautiful all at the same time.

"Joker" said...

Yes, Willy D is right on the money. The fog goes perfect w/ur story of being under the weather. Hope ya feel better soon :)

Mastercheif said...

Sorry to hear you don't feel well. So, where the hell is Nova Scotia exaclty. I know it's up north east from where I'm at. Is it around Hudson Bay. Sorry, I don't get out of the woods much.

Webster World said...

Well hope you feel better soon. Shoot a shot of JD and get some rest.

irondad said...

Here's some cyber space hot chicken soup and a warm blanket. Get well, girl!

I ride with a bad cold but it does weird things to the inside of my helmet. Sorry, I'm supposed to be making you feel better, not more sick!

Ann said...

Mastercheif: Nova Scotia is off the coast of Maine.

Lady Ridesalot said...

ann... Harley had a great trip. He brought home some good pics and I was so jealous! Thanks for the well wishes. I'm still feeling like sh*t, but such is life. :(

Willy... My head is thicker than that fog! I feel like I'm walking around with a lead balloon on my shoulders.

Mr. M... It was about an hour ride across the water to Ferry over to Nova Scotia. H. says it was pretty chilly that day too.

Joker... Thanks, I'm trying to get better, but those green monsters are reeking havoc in my head!

Masterchief... Nova Scotia is in Canada, off the coast of Maine. Nice place. You should get out more. LOL!

Webster... Sounds like great medicine to me. I need a couple of them so I can sleep.

Irondad... Ah, that sounds good. I don't need a helmet to have my fun with the boogies. I should have taken some stock out in Puffs!