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Tuesday, April 29, 2008


There are so many GOOD things I want to share with you about my weekend at Holt during the Bike Fest, that I decided to dedicate one whole post to just that. The weather was great! After playing in the warm sun during the day, it was refreshing to feel the cool evening air on your skin.

GOOD PEOPLE are always a great reason to get together and share your enthusiasm and love for a common interest; motorcycles. When we come to a bike rally, we may only see some of these people a few times a year. But, I feel like we all just come together for the same reason, to have fun and make some memories. Everybody likes to just get away and forget the stress of daily life, and maybe shuck a few responsibilities. Hell, I like to think of it as "recess for grown ups".

GOOD FOOD is also close to the top of the list of good things, these last couple days. The Lone Ranger started everybody off with breakfast each morning, as usual. Bacon, sausage and eggs cooking on the camp stove, and coffee brewing, will make even the laziest sleeper give up the fight to sleep in. Our buddy the Road Runner spun his magic around the smoker all day and created a feast that could have made even the pickiest eater happy! He cooked Boston Butts, Ribs, Chicken, also, someone else brought Moose, Caribou, and Elk. This was some good stuff! Pans of potatoes with onions and mushrooms, and baked beans, all cooked on the grill. I'm telling you what! If you went hungry, it was your own fault. Oh, we also had plenty of brews. Nothing goes better with a good grilled Butt than an ice cold Bud! LOL!

GOOD RACING is really the main reason all this comes together in the first place. Watching these Drag bikes are pretty cool and they keep you entertained in between races and qualifying, with stunt riding and other fun stuff. A group of about eight trick riders will go up and down the track doing wheelies, rear wheel dougnuts, brake stunts, and other amazing things all at the same time. They also had a slow race and some street matches, where anyone can get out and run down the track. I think I would do that sometime, maybe when no one was watching. Shhhh!

I must mention the GOOD MUSIC. They had music both nights, but Saturday, Geneva sang and she was great! She mixed it up real nice and did a lot of rock, some country, some great biker songs, and just sounded wonderful. Music feeds our soul just like our riding does, and I think having a good band playing makes everyone get into a joyous spirit. Or maybe it was just the spirits! Regardless, as I stood around, listening to the music and watching the crowd, I saw couples giving each other secret looks, hands being held, and several times an embracing couple would start swaying to the music creating a dance floor of sorts, right where they stood. This is what it's all about.

I would probably be negligent if I didn't mention all the GOOD FUN we had! I said in my earlier post on Monday, the camping area was set up like a little neighborhood of tents and campers, with wide enough passage between for the assortment of Atv's and golf carts to drive around and maneuver through the camp ground. Well, what do you imagine happens in any small camp-town at night. You go around and see the neighbors of course! During the evening, while all the festivities are going on, the campground is usually buzzing with traffic flow. People trying to hook up with old friends you don't see very often, except at a rally maybe. LOL! This gets to be pretty fun. There always seems to be a lot of laughing and playful heckling being shouted about as people spot one another. Every now and then you may even come across some pretty interesting entertainment, so you really have to be ready for anything!

I have several GOOD PICS I want to share with you and they are in front of this post. I hope you have enjoyed the first part of my Bike Fest series, "THE GOOD".

To be continued...
Next in the Bike Fest series, "THE BAD". Stay tuned. Lady R


"Joker" said...

I just got up, so your telling of the Lone Ranger's breakfast has my stomach doing somersaults right now. It all looks so GOOD I can't imagine what the BAD will be, but of course I can't wait!

One question though. How did that gal up on the stage manage to get her kneecaps up into her top?

FLHX_Dave said...

Wow, you did have a good time. I love elk and moose. That was the part that killed me. Here in CA that stuff is hard to come by. Your making me want to just pick up and go. Thanks for putting out.

FLHX_Dave said...

I just took a double take at that gal and yeah...her knees are big.

Dean "D-Day" said...

Wooooeeee! I love going to stuff like this. Wish I had more time to get away.

And yes, I've always been a "knee-man" myself.

Ann said...

Looks like the GOOD was actually the GREAT! :)

I'm hoping we're able to go to our local "Too Broke For Sturgis" rally this year! :)

Mimi said...

Looks like a great time. I live for stuff like this!

Joker, what can I say. You come up with some good ones...

Lady Ridesalot said...

Joker...my stomach almost did some somersaults too, but maybe a few too many Bud Lights had a little something to do with that! LOL!

Dave...That meat was so tender, it almost melted in your mouth. He used a little Dale's Sauce with a variety of spices to marinade the meat and it tasted fantastic!

Dean...Everybody was having a good time. Lot's of "show offs", Woo Hoo!

Ann & Mimi...This was probably a great weekend, because we had great people to share it with.

Guys...I can guarantee you, if you came to Holt, you wouldn't be looking at knee caps! LOL!

Thanks for the comments! I love sharing this stuff, so I appreciate ya'll letting me do just that.

I'll be back. Lady R

broxnpc said...

Yes, we did have a great time!!! My stomach and face hurt from all the laughs, that's when you know it's a good weekend and good folks, and the food goes without mention, as usual the feasting was limitless.

Ronman said...

Elk is the best game I've ever tasted. I suppose y'all don't know your anatomy. Damn Joker you kill me every single time. Well at least she didn't need a good beating with a Gideon Bible.

Pretty MrsLadyR I can't wait for the rest of the posts.......and hopefully an email full of goodness too.


Mr. Motorcycle said...

Puts a whole new twist on the saying "Put your knees in the breeze" don't it?

I'd like to see some of that.
O'h yeah, already did.

-Connie said...

Looks like you guys had a great time! I'm looking forward to the next two parts. I can't help but wonder what the bad will be though...?

ultra242 said...

That bbq grill looked soo good I made some bbq for myself the next night! I envy youre life style enjoy it! I really like hearing about youre adventures it puts a smile on my face knowing youre enjoying youreself & harlet too. My wife informed me that i should do the same cuse the crazy things that happen to me daily for others are very comical so any help on setting up my blog spot would be welcome Later dude!

Lady Ridesalot said...

Ultra 242...I'll help you get your blog set. I will be home Sunday, and I can call and help you then. Be cool!