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Sunday, June 1, 2008


Saturday came with a warm temperature of 92 degrees, and clear blue skies. A perfect day to ride, and ride we did!

Harley and I set out after a late breakfast and just headed east. No particular place to go, we just wanted to enjoy the day with the wind in our face and daily life off our backs. Time for therapy. After a few turns here and there we found ourselves on the east side of our favorite lake. Lake Martin is a great recreation destination, and we find ourselves riding around it's shores often. Boating ramps, camping areas, and fishing spots are available all around the 720 miles of shoreline, and it's a great place to spend the hot summer days.

We stopped at a nice little rest area with a hiking path and picnic tables called Cherokee Ridge Alpine Trail. This beautiful overlook is at the southeast corner of the lake looking west toward Kawliga Bridge. We found this place by accident a few years ago, and it's fun to come here every now and then, just to look at the lake, while we have a stretch. Every year for the 4th of July, there is a huge fireworks show on the water near the bridge. This little area draws quite a large crowd of onlookers, all wanting to take advantage of the spectacular view.

Looking at all the boats in water, reminded me of the days when we had a pontoon. We had the "Party Barge" for three summers and we spent a lot of time up here and had a tremendous amount of fun! It's funny how I don't miss it though. I guess it was fun while it lasted. I think of the poor saps down on the lake paying $8.00 a gallon for gas at the marinas and figure, that's why I don't miss it. My Glide gets me all the entertainment I want and then some, and it doesn't take near the hit on my wallet for gas. And on a hot summer day like this, I just look forward to the pool waiting for me at the end of the ride.

Continuing on our way, we rode west on CR 50 and stopped at the Jack B. Venable bridge on the Tallapoosa River. The history behind old broken bridges like one this interest me. These retired, crumbling bridge abutments stood as haunting reminders of the original structure that once graced this spot. They almost seem like a sad memorial to an era gone by, and the history they hold deteriorates with them as they age and weather. Proudly, the new stronger bridge stands mockingly significant, next it's decaying mentor.

We road about 200 miles and got back home 5 hours or so later, feeling completely content with the way the day had evolved. Nothing crazy happened to either of us. No dive bombing hawks or darting foxes. No u-turning SUVs controlled by teenage drivers. Just us, the road, and a warm summer day to ride your worries away. The sun warmed us up a little, so taking that cool refreshing dip in the pool was the best ending to a great day. Ride on! Lady R


B.B. said...

Sounds like the perfect day! (and looks like it too from the pics.)Usually the best adventures are the ones that weren't planned out ahead of time.

Dean "D-Day" said...

Beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing.

Buckyknows said...

Can't wait to join you some day.
I am going to Sturgis this year to meet my older Bro for a week of riding and relaxing.


Ann said...

Sounds like a great ride!

$8/gallon would deter me from wanting a boat, too!

"Joker" said...

I was in the "boat wannabee" phase for a time a few years back. I had all these big plans about how it would be the perfect way to spend quality time with the family and so on. It never happened and I'm not so sad about it now. Bottom line - it's a pass time for either the wealthy, or those who have plenty of time and labor to sacrifice. Neither is me.

Yep, you hit the nail right on the head girl. The Iron Horse is pound-for-pound the most fun money can buy without stretching your pockets. Besides, I'd probably be a menace out on the water anyway. Just picture the lake scene from "Caddyshack," and picture old Joker at the helm of Rodney's "dingy!"

Loved the pics. Thanks for the ride.

-Connie said...

Sounds like a great day and a great ride. The pics are beautiful! Glad you two had a good time!

Mr. Motorcycle said...

Sounds like a beautiful ride.
Love the pics, expecially the Jack B. Venable Bridge on the Tallapoosa River.

mrs road captain said...

Sounds like many of us had some great rides this weekend. Maybe springtime has finally arrived in full force--better late than never!

Thanks for sharing your experiences.

Lady Ridesalot said...

b.b...a love it when a day turns out great! Plans sometimes can get in the way of something else better!

dean...thanks, man. Come an visit anytime!

bucky...sturgis? Really?

ann...no shit! My money tree ain't blooming this year!

Joker...LOL! Ahoy Captain! I can visualize you and the dingy! What a trip!

Hey, they say the two best days of a boat owners life, is when he buys and when he sells it. We had fun for awhile, but we sold it to put in a pool. We enjoy that a whole lot more often.

Connie and mr.m...thanks! We did have fun!

Mrs. RC...glad you could stop by. I've been enjoying the stories of your rides as well. Our springtime has already passed, we're in summer here!

Maggie said...

Great pictures and adventure, Lady R!

Allen Madding said...

very nice ride. Love the pics. Time in the pool after a ride like that sounds like a perfect combo.

FLHX_Dave said...

Nice day, thanks for the virtual sidecar. Party Barge...could use one of those right now. :)

Lake Martin Voice said...

Highway 50 has lots of twists and turns - probably a lot of fun on a motorcycle..

Anonymous said...