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Sunday, February 10, 2008


Yesterday was a beautiful day to ride. It was about 67 degrees, clear blue skies, and Harley was pacing, ready to go. I had to get my lead out or I was going to be left. We got out the trusty Topo map so we could scope out a few new roads to explore. I enjoy that the most on our little Saturday afternoon jaunts. New scenery! And when we realize that we made a wrong turn somewhere, on a day like yesterday, who cares. It's all about the ride, isn't it? We still managed to come across a quaint little hole in the wall cafe and ate some of the best Boston Butt we have had in a long time. And good sweet tea! Harley usually judges whether or not a place is any good, on how well they make their sweet tea. (It's a southern thang!)

We are really fortunate to be in the South. It affords us many more days of riding. I have family in the Midwest and West and all they can do these days watch the snow blanket everything in sight. Hang in there folks! The sun is coming!


DND said...

You are so lucky. Hubby and I have been house bound because we are sick. He rode a little yesterday, but has been going crazy since he got home to be out on the bike.

Becky said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Your blog is looking good. It's always great to have another female biker blog around! I'll be back.


"Joker" said...

Greetings from "Up North" Lady R.

Hope you don't mind a 'yankee' throwing his two cents in. Found your blog through your post on Road Grits. I'm big time jealous of it being 67 degrees out! I feel like I'm in prison up here as far as riding goes.

It's amazing how different it is down there. Of course, I haven't visited your state in over 20 years since I did my Army stint at Ft. McClellan in Anniston, but I do remember the weather. Warm WAY into the fall/early winter, but when it gets cold, it gets COLD. I remember it as a damp cold that goes right to your bones.

I remember 2 inches of snow bringing just about everything to a halt. When it warmed up there were these horrible things called "chiggers," but I won't go there! I miss the laid-back, very friendly people everywhere. I don't miss the red mud. That must be hell to get off of the bike!

Anyway, nice to meet ya', and please come by my blog sometime and visit. You and your husband have fun and Ride Safe!

Professor Jay said...

It's not fair that the weather is nice down south and you get to ride. Can you please not ride until next month, or at least don't rub it in by telling me about it. Just joking. You know Joker isn't the only yankee with a sense of humor. I can tell a good joke once in awhile. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. I love comments, don't you?

Lady Ridesalot said...

I'm sorry Professor Jay, that would be like putting a 12 oz. perfectly grilled ribeye in front of a starving man and tell him not to eat! We are fortunate to have year round good riding. I can promise you, when ya'll are comfortable riding during July and August, it's like riding into a flame thrower here. Sometimes, we even ride towards the rain, just to cool off! Later!

Ronman said...

Was it really a wrong turn if you found good bar-b-que and sweet tea? Anyway, you're never lost until you're out of fuel......

Ride Safe


Anonymous said...